Over the weekend, I had a 16 mile run planned. The Saturday group that I typically do my long runs with were planning to do a shorter distance which meant I had to get up earlier and log my miles before the group starts. (It’s always easier to have company at the end of a long run.) Since our group was planning to run 8 miles, I was set to run 8 miles solo before meeting them. Luckily, @Kineticfix also had a long run planned and we were able to coordinate some miles together.

Nothing like messaging a friend and saying “hey, come meet me at 6:30 in the morning on a corner in San Francisco and let’s run really far together.” Okay, the tweet was a bit different, but you get the idea.

We headed off in a general direction towards the Presidio knowing that we just needed four miles out and we could retrace our steps back to get in the 8. Since she had run a couple of miles to meet me and was planning on some miles closer to home, she was just going to join me for the first 8. The miles FLEW by. We immediately jumped into a conversation, made a turn here, saw a view there and all of a sudden we were back where we started.

At this point, the group was starting to show up for our 8 mile run. @Kineticfix headed off to finish her run and we later agreed (on twitter of course) that we should run together again. Yay for new running buddies. With 8 miles already in my pocket, I was looking forward to feeding off the energy of a larger group for the second half. We headed down towards AT&T park for a simple out and back.

Mile 12, behind AT&T park.

Mile 12, behind AT&T park.

Remember my last post where my running buddy Larry wanted to run the last 3 miles of a half marathon at a 7:30 pace because he is training for a (fast) marathon. Well, leave it to him AGAIN to say “want to run some 7 minute miles?” Just a note that he comes up with this BRILLIANT idea at his mile 5 and my mile 13… of course, my answer is “sure.”  We then split off from the group to run an extra mile or so and clocked these splits:


We eventually caught back up with our group and finished the run together. My original 16 mile plan had turned into almost a 17.5 mile run with some speed work thrown in at the end. With friends like these, who needs a track workout?

We all grabbed some coffee afterwards and chatted about our weekend plans, upcoming races and general conversation. I’m lucky to have a great group of friends that love to run. It really helps make the miles fly by. We are a little crazy, but a little crazy never hurt anyone, right?

How was your weekend?