If You Thought I Ran A Lot Before…

If You Thought I Ran A Lot Before…

Looking at the calendar moving forward, I’m going to be kicking it into second gear. That’s right. My running to date for 2012 has been for fun. LOL. Now training begins and in the next four months, I’ll be running some serious milage in prep for a marathon and my very first 50 miler.

Here are very general goals for each.


Two Cities Marathon, Fresno, 11/4:
Speedy aspirations and aiming for (very) low 4 hour range. I feel like I’ve been stagnant at 4:20 for too long.

50 Mile North Face Endurance Challenge, San Francisco, 12/1:
Survive. LOL. Seriously. No time goal, just finish and don’t make it “more painful” than it needs to be. Okay, I’d love to do it in less than X hours, but that is a secondary goal not as important as the first.

So, if you thought I was running a lot before? It’s about to get more intense and cray cray distances. Yep, I’m entering training mode.

Here are some things I’ll be using more of:


I’m going to be running through clothes (literally) like crazy. When I did the RWRunStreak, I noticed my shorts and socks were first to go low. Anyone up for laundry?

The word “poop.”
It may be a different four letter word, but poop gives you an idea of what it should say. Do you ever look at a training calendar and think “okay, I’ll be ready for that by then.”?Then the day before you look at it and say “poop.” Yep, that’s probably going to happen a lot.

I have three pairs currently ready for play, four if you include my speed-work shoes. 2 of those have zero miles on them, so I should be good. But you can always use another pair, right?

I’m going to rely heavily on YOU for advice, support, as a sounding board, and motivation. That last part starts today as by putting this on blast, makes it real.

Okay, let training begin. Any words of advice?



  1. Great news, good luck and train hard! You’ll be awesome.

  2. SUPER exciting!!! I’m training for my first full on November 3rd, so I’m excited to see how cray cray you get while I ramp up to my first distances over 13.1 next week :)

    And the laundry is a biotch when the miles are high. I agree.

  3. I’m in awe of the prospect of a 50 miler! I’m still working my way up to 10. Good luck!

    • Thanks… keep running strong and the miles will come.

  4. Awesome that you signed up for the 50 miler! I’m not ready to attempt that yet, but I’ll be cheering from here!

  5. A 50 miler – AMAZING!!!
    I will live vicariously through you for the next little while as I’m dealing with a calf injury. No running for me. Sooo…my words of advice to you: listen to your body and don’t be afraid to rest!

    Oh and stock up on laundry detergent. :)

  6. SO FEAKIN EXCITING! I am pumped to watch your progress. I have quite a few runs on tap as I advance towards my Marathon. And I definitely had a “poop” moment when I looked at all the running I have gonna need to do for the next 2.5 months! EEK! We can do it!

  7. All right, dude, you are now accountable to ME to get those miles in.

    And when I am not being a total hard ass, I am shouting “go, Brian, go!” from the sidelines, and am totally psyched to see you meet these goals.

    • Sounds like a plan… but I aint drinking no green smoothie!

  8. Amazing goals! Can’t wait to read how your training goes! I want to do a 50 mile race one day, but it will be far in the future.

  9. I would love to do the NF 50 miler in SF. I did the DC 50K and it was amazing. You will do great! My advise? enjoy and be in the moment…always. Looking forward to following your journey.

  10. Sounds like you need some new socks and shorts LOL! My problem when I’m racking up major runs is that when I do a load of all running clothes I run out of space for hang drying them.

    Good luck! Sounds like a fun fall.

  11. Cool friend- you’ve got some fun stuff coming up. My advice is to keep a diaper handy before your races in case you “poop” your pants. LOL.Just kidding (kind of).


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