This is a HUGE announcement that I have been sitting on for a couple of weeks. I wanted to tweet it, I wanted to Instagram the heck out of it, I may have secretly informed people over the text machine, but NOW I am letting EVERYONE know: I’m running Boston (kind of) thanks to CLIF Bar & Company.


What’s with the “kind of?”

I absolutely have to thank CLIF Bar for this amazing opportunity. I was invited to be a part of Boston Marathon weekend — to run, to cheer, to be social, to experience EVERYTHING that is magical and inspirational about running’s most prestigious event. It was an open invitation to run the full marathon, or the 5K, or just to show up and be a part of it.

Ridiculous as it may sound (based on my recent track record), I still have hopes of qualifying for Boston one day. Personally, I need the motivation that in order to run it, I HAVE to qualify. It’s my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I can’t have it until I reach that BQ status. I absolutely wanted to be a part of the weekend, so attending was never really in question. Once I saw that there were no qualifying standards for the 5K and it was an open registration, I knew it would be an honor and a privilege to run the 5K on Boston weekend.


What’s the plan?

We are still finalizing details, but I’ll be staying at the CLIF Bar Base Camp house in Boston and taking part in all the special weekend events and activities with the CLIF Bar team (from athletes to nutrition experts to people like me). I know, right? And most definitely, I’ll be on the sidelines on Marathon Monday live-tweeting the race and cheering on friends.

I know I’m going to walk away from this weekend with so much MORE motivation to come back.
Truly grateful, humbled, and honored.

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When I’m in Boston, what’s the ONE thing I have to do?

(I’ve never been.)