Incredible photo time! Here are the photos from MarathonFoto of the 2011 Oakland Running Festival.

Sorry, these are not in Chronological order… Hulk not now what Chronological means…

Before the race!

A few seconds later, Hulk attacked by pigeons. Seriously.

About to cross the finish line.. HULK SMASH COURSE!

Hulk not scared of mud… mud scared of HULK!

By far one of my favorite photos… this is the final mile, final hill. Hulk tired.

Hulk Flex with serious face!


Incredible Hulk meets Usain Bolt!

Hulk fist pump!

Hulk look good! Lady in blue jealous of Hulk’s muscles.

Say Cheeeeeese!

Hulk like shiny medal. Hulk happy. Hulk missing a hand?

And of course once I got home, Mika wanted to play as well.  Incredible Mika!

Thank you Oakland Running Festival for an incredible race and thank you MarathonFoto for the incredible photos. Share your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.