We all knew it was going to happen. Once news broke that Facebook had purchased Instagram for an insane amount of money, we knew we had been put on notice:
When would Facebook destroy Instagram?
In a couple weeks, Instagram has taken a major hit in public opinion.

  1. The preview option was removed from Twitter. Part of the perks of using Instagram was its’ relationship with Twitter.
  2. Policy changes that allow your photos to be used without notice. Basically, we could be supplying photos for the entire world. That isn’t a stretch either. Facebook has gone from “cool” to a business looking for profit and global domination.

This is a running blog so I’m not here to talk tech and throw in industry speak. I was actually a fan of Instagram having a computer friendly site where our photos could be viewed rather than simply limiting it to the mobile app.
I wont be deleting my Instagram account, just managing it differently. I think that 99% of Instagram users have very little to be afraid of, but here is how I plan to change my Instagram habbits.
No more photos of The First Lady
This is the one that makes me sad, but I can’t have baby girl’s photo potentially show up on some ad or pamphlet that I have no idea what it’s selling. Don’t worry, I’ll still share photos on the blog. I was already hesitant of sharing her photo to begin with and language like this makes me even more concerned.
Fewer photos of me.
I use Instagram for the blog and like sharing photos of me running with friends and throughout the city. I won’t remove them all, but will be more cautious of what is uploaded. I’ll still be sharing images of me in product because I’m here to share my running experiences with you. No worries, you’ll still get to see my silly face.
This isn’t a break-up letter with Instagram. It’s more of a “I’m going to be very selective with you” letter.
If you are looking for a detailed description of the changes in Instagram’s policy, see these I formative links:

UPDATED: There has been some development and an official response from Instagram. It was brought to my attention in the comments below. I guess we’ll see where we go from here. To me, it still sounds like the above practices would be in our best interest — and that may be for all social media.

How do you feel about the new Instagram Policy?


photo titled: Running Ultras

photo titled: Running Ultras

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