Remember last Wednesday when I posted a gender reveal, ya know, the one that was way past due and I mentioned that at any moment, we might be expecting the newest edition to our family? Well, less than 24-hours later, our son was born.

When my posts are timely, they are timely.

Last Thursday we welcomed the newest member to our family, completing our relay team of four. The biggest question asked by many people was what would be his name? If my daughter is known as ‘The First Lady’ on social, what would we call him? We went through several versions, always thinking “ya, that’s a good one.” and we landed on…

The Professor




Let’s Celebrate: 25% off

In celebration of our newest edition (and to make more space) turning 1-week old, we are celebrating with a discount on all #WeRunSocial gear. Use code 25off for 25% off your purchase until the end of the month.

25% off the entire store with code 25off

Thank you for all the congratulations on social, everyone is happy and healthy and that is what is the most important.

And then there were four.