Remember how I was taking a break from racing?
Remember how I had run 8 races so far in 2013 (2 half marathons, 3 marathons, a 50k and a 50 mi)?

Well, I lasted a month and a half before another race just happened to slip into the mix.

Not bad. I was supposed to take a 2.5 month break from racing and just focus on training and let my body recover, but when you have friends that love to run and use races as training runs, it can happen pretty easily. This is how the conversation (over text) went down.

To protect the identity of the innocent and to keep this G rated, I’m paraphrasing.

Larry: We should catch up.
Me: We def. need to chat over a LONG run, Maybe next wknd.

Larry: I need 16 next weekend
Me: Cool. I’ll run that with you. 

Larry: Except I’m supposed to do Giant Race on Sunday. Are you signed up?
Me: Na. I’m not running it. Was planning on doing milage Saturday.

Larry: Darn. Do you want to do it?
Me: Is it sold out? Hadn’t planned on it.

Larry. Half is not sold out. I was going to do 16 and run 3 before at a comfortable pace.

Right here is where I get in trouble… it was the mention that it was not going to be a “fast” run, but incorporated into a longer training run. Makes sense, right? Just mix in some miles before, then run with a bunch of other people, get a medal and a bobblehead… sounds fun?

Me: Let me think about it. Let you know tomorrow.

Well, we all know how this story ends… yep. I’m running a half marathon this Sunday. I’ve run the Giant Race before. It starts outside AT&T park does and out and back along the Embarcadero, then finishes INSIDE AT&T Park on the field. It’s a fun race that I think should be run for fun, not so much for a shot at a PR or to be taken “too” seriously.

With a Sergio Romo bobble head, it has to be for fun, right?

Sergio Romo bobblehead

Sergio Romo bobble head

So that is what I will be doing this weekend. But I can’t really be held accountable for my actions… I’m just trying to catch up with a friend and do a comfortable pace 16 mile run. I pretty much was going to do that on Saturday, so I might as well do it on Sunday and score some runner swag, right… right?

Can I be held accountable for my actions?