Let’s cut to the chase. I’m running the ASICS LA Marathon on Sunday and I want sub 3:30. I wanted it a month ago and it just didn’t happen. This is a second chance. This is a second opportunity. This is a shot at redemption.

Compared to the course I raced in Phoenix, this will definitely be more of a challenge. That being said, compared to my upcoming marathon schedule, this may be my best shot. My next two races have an even harder elevation.

Can I do it? Yes.
Am I nervous? Yes.
Am I sacred of not being able to hit my goal for second time? Absolutely.

I’m going to be honest with you. I might feel a little crushed if I miss this. That’s just being real. I know that I throw my goals out there and that when I hit publish on a post or send out a tweet, it’s with full knowledge that if I fall short, it’s public. I’m not going into this weekend with full confidence, but that is not uncommon. I never really have too much “type A” running through my veins before these races. I’m not that kinda runner. I tend to stay within myself, get quiet, and prepare for one hell of a battle. I’ve been that way before most of my PR’s, so it’s not a new feeling and no indicator of failure (or success).

I just set up my playlist with 53 songs that lasts 3 hours and 29 minutes (see what I did there?). Check it out here.


Meet the team

I’ll also be running as part of the ASICS Blogger Challenge team with: @RunningRachel, @TriJayhawkRyan, @jamiewalker19, @ShutUpRun, @marathoner, @RunEatRepeat, @fANNEtasticfood, @RacePaceJess, @stuftmama and @nycrunningmama. How amazing is that list? You can read some of the teams blog posts here.

FYI: keep an eye on our social feeds Friday night (VIP party) and Saturday morning (shake out run w/ team and ASICS elites: cough Ryan Hall, cough Deena Kastor, ahem).

As I said earlier in the week “Running is worth the possibility of never perfecting it.” But I’m always going to put myself in position to be successful.

Training. Check.
Ready to run. Check.
Finish time… I’ll let you know on Sunday.
If I had to guess? 3:27:45

All right, let’s hear it. Motivation, criticism, all of it.