We’re almost a couple of weeks into the New Year and now is as good a time as any to look at the 2016 schedule for myself, as well as what might be coming up for #WeRunSocial.

Let’s dive right into it. Below is a general race calendar that I tend to put together in my mind when looking ahead at the New Year. There are a few staples, a few hopefuls, and the usual suspects that I say I’m not going to do, but end up doing anyways.

2016 Race Schedule


February 28: Phoenix Marathon 

Heading back to the PHX to run it again. I’m registered for the full, but not sure what my race goal will be. I wanted to be a part of the 5-year medal design – over the next 5 years each medal will be a part of a giant Copper Star. See it here.
Promo code: PAVEY10 for 10% off full (almost sold out) or half.


March 6: 408K

This is part of a Bay Area race series that has fun with local area codes and distances: 408k (8K), 415k (5K), Let’s go 510 (10k). I’ll likely be doing this one as a virtual runner, or remote runner, but it takes place in San Jose. You can register as a remote runner, do the miles at home and they’ll mail you the shirt, bib, and medal. If you complete all 3 races in 2016, you get a 4th medal (pssst, I’m helping design it and it’s pretty sweet).
Promo code: Represent2016PR (10% off the 408k)


March 20: Oakland Running Festival

I’m a legacy runner and will be back again in 2016. I’m debating on the full vs the Town Challenge (5K and Half, same day). I really like the full course, and love a good challenge, I would say it’s a 50/50 toss-up.
Promo code: PAVERUN ($15 off full, $12 off half, $6 off 5K, $25 off relay, $17 off town)


April 3: San Francisco Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I’m also a legacy runner and love doing this race. 100% in.


June 4-5: Fontana to SD

Ok, we don’t have details planned other than we are doing this. By we, I mean 4-5 of the #WeRunSocial folks that do these crazy multiple races in multiple cities like we do for Las Vegas. Saturday we will be running the Fontana Half, then driving down to SD afterwards for the San Diego Rock n Roll Half on Sunday. That’s about all the info I have. #Fontana2SD


July 31: The San Francisco Marathon

I’ve been thinking about signing up for the 52.4 mile challenge again — run 26.2 at midnight, then run the official 26.2 at 5:30am. I’m trying to talk some #WeRunSocial crew into joining me… hint hint.


September 23-25: Golden Ultra

Not sure if I’ll make it back up to Canada for this 3-day event, but we’re putting it on here. They added “half” distance options this year giving you 6 different distances over the weekend.
Promo code: PAVEY (5% discount on any distance)



Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose and Los Angeles half marathons are usually in the mix. I haven’t done RnRSJ the last few years because of the First Lady’s birthday, but this year the race falls on a friendly date (10/2), so I’m hopeful. The RnRLA date is TBD.



November 6: New York City Marathon – c’mon lottery!
November 13: Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas – we’ll need a race in the morning, right?


December 4: California International Marathon

This one largely depends on how the year goes. Will I be chasing a time goal again?



#WeRunSocial Meet Ups


January 16: Carlsbad Marathon & Half
Hosted by @stuftmama, @runningwithsd
Sponsored by @procompression


January 16: Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon
Hosted by @sharpendurance, @irisheyes1982
Sponsored by @procompression


February 13: Los Angeles Marathon
Details: TBD, likely at/near expo on 2/13
Hosted by @sharpendurance, @carleemcdot – yep, I just nominated you two.


February 20: Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon
Details: Saturday, 2/20 at 1pm, Disney Springs Carousel
Hosted by @pastrychef_dani, @pinkcupcakegirl
Sponsored by @procompression


February 26-27: Phoenix Marathon
Details: TBD
Hosted by @pavementrunner, @runemz #runpaveyemz
Sponsored by @procompression


April 16: Walt Disney World Star Wars Half Marathon
Details: Saturday, 4/16 at 1pm, Disney Springs Carousel
Hosted by @irisheyes1982, @runnerunleashed, @pastrychef_dani
Sponsored by @procompression


March 12-13: San Diego Half Marathon
Details: TBD
Hosted by @runningwithsd


May 5-8: Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon
Details: TBD
Hosted by @ivieanne


May 26-29: Calgary Marathon
Details: TBD
Hosted by @bexfactor, @kaellaontherun


July 15-17: RnR Chicago
Details: TBD
Hosted by @maxfitgirl29


August: Seawheeze Half Marathon
Details: TBD
Hosted by @pointonemiles


Let’s be social:

There will definitely be more and we’ll be announcing them as far out as we can. Please follow @werunsocial on Twitter or Instagram, as well as LIKE us on Facebook.

Want to host a meet up?

It’s pretty simple. Just ping me a message on social about which race, find 2-3 people to host it, and we’ll see if we can make it happen. We can’t do EVERY race, but if it’s a fairly large one and we know some #werunsocial crew that will show up, we can likely put something together.

Want to sponsor a meet up?

If you know of a brand that would like to sponsor or co-sponsor, let us know. Again, ping me on social. It helps if the brand already has a relationship with the race/event – as in they have a booth at the expo, or are already an existing sponsor. It helps us, help them.

What do you have penciled for 2016?
Will I see you at any of these races/meet ups?