For some reason, I have the feeling that this is going to be an amazing week for my legs. No explanation. Nothing significant happened to motivate me THIS week as opposed to last week. I just have a good feeling and the schedule this week seems to be in my favor for training. Sure I’m busy with the holidays and shopping and family and work… we all are. Finding motivation can be a tricky thing. I’ve been motivated by friends on Instagram, by a text, by a commercial on television. We just have to be able to respond to it when it lights a fire under us… this just might be a week that epic numbers are put up.

16 miles on a Monday

That doesn’t normally happen… but it did. I got an early start to the weekely milage and felt like putting up some numbers. I threw on my shoes, put on my new Star Wars beanie, grabbed $5 and headed out the door. I ran without any hydration (which isn’t uncommon) and decided to do an 8-mile out and back. The 5-spot was for the turnaround point where I would grab a water or whatever was around. It happened to be a kid’s apple juice from Starbucks as that was where I ended up after 8-ish miles. I also ate a couple Starbursts I put in my pocket before I left and turned around for the “back” portion of my run.




I kept a solid 8:30 avg. for the first half, but my legs had about 13 miles in them. My pace slowed way down the last 3 miles I resorted to some walking, but I forged on and got in the distance. I worked in some hills (up and down – see the dark gray above) in prep for Phoenix Marathon (giveaway here) and felt pretty exhausted afterwards. For recovery, I threw on my Pro Compression socks and wore them the rest of the day.


I’m not sure what the rest of the week holds, but I know I would love to get in some speedwork, hills, and another 15+ mile run — maybe two. Perhaps my legs are fully recovered from the 3 halfs in 2 days and with the rain the last couple weeks, I’m anxious to get out. Phoenix is 80 days away and I need to start working on getting my pace down. Last week, I worked in some plyometric exercises and want to start incorporating more cross-training. I wouldn’t be surprised to see yoga come into play pretty quickly

Who is writing this…
Plyometrics? Yoga? The next thing you know I’ll be picking up some weights or something.
Instagram followers beware.

What does your week look like?