I could write this post every single day — and it would remain true. The running community is an amazing thing and I have found so much inspiration, motivation, and love. Some of these people I have met, had conversations with, taken selfies next to… others, our paths have not crossed, but the love remains the same.

People that I did not know several years ago have turned into friends I have conversation with daily — from texts to tweets.  These are friendships that have been created from a shared passion for fitness and have grown. I have opened up and shared a lot of my personal persona into these “virtual” friendships and tried to take them outside of the social media realm. From tweet ups to group runs through the streets of San Francisco, I have tried to embrace this community with open arms and without hesitation.

For me, part of loving this community is about giving back to it. When I started running, I knew NOTHING. We’re talking basketball shoes and shorts below the knees. I am the runner that I am today BECAUSE of the running community.

I continue to grow and learn from those around me, forever the student. We have to continue to share the knowledge and spread the love. We have to celebrate each other, be kind to one another, and give back what we receive — both in running and life.

Thank you to everyone that has touched my life. I’m hoping that I can return the favor.

With love.