As much as I know that this is the right decision, it feels so wrong in a backwards thinking kind of way. On Saturday, I’m scheduled to run the Livermore Half Marathon… but I won’t be. Last Sunday at the Oakland Running Festival, my knee started to feel “off” somewhere after mile 16. It resulted in my shifting between walking and running the last 8 or so miles. I took it easy to start the week, icing it a few times and letting it rest. On Thursday, I went for my first run hoping that it was going to feel strong with no “wonkiness.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was able to get in 4 miles, but it wasn’t a confidence-building run.

I could run the half marathon.
I could finish the half marathon.

But I would be back where I was Sunday after Oakland, hoping it recovers quickly in time for San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half on April 6th. Since a lot of my friends are coming up to San Francisco to run as part of a large group, I’d rather take the extra time off and make sure I’m able run that race with a smile on my face. I think the extra week off will help.

The tough part is that I KNOW I could run on Saturday. I know I can. But I’m trying to make the right decision. I know that an extra week off will be good for me in the long run (pun totally intended). I have big plans for the summer and making sure I’m healthy for April and May to put in some strong training means playing this weekend smart.

So on Saturday, I will have my first official DNS — did not start.

I already have a DNF — did not finish (read about it here), I guess this completes the pair.

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San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, 4/6
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Bay to Breakers, 5/18
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Have you ever had to make the “right” decision?