Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Mush cover, Edmond (OK) Paris (France), Boston (MA)

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Mush cover, Edmond (OK) Paris (France), Boston (MA)


There is a feeling of release I’m currently experiencing. I had been slightly stressing out the past couple weeks on trying to put this together. Angry at myself for taking so long to get organized. Frustrated that my body (and mind) needs this little thing called sleep.

But that has all been replaced with excitement that something has been created. Something is out the door, perfect or not. I’m sure there is a typo or a grammar mistake. I’m hopeful I didn’t label any cities incorrectly or mess up the abbreviation of a state. I’m hoping you will be forgiving as I am figuring this out as I go. Immediately, I know it is missing photos from cities that were a part of it, but I was able to include at least one photo from every city that sent me one… and there were so many great ones.

The email blast was simple and to the point. Future ones will include more information on recent blog posts and be designed with a little more flair, because we all want flair, I think. Like running, this process will evolve from “finishing” to setting some massive PR times. See what I did there?

You can receive Mush by subscribing here.

Right now you can get the magazine by subscribing to, but I’m hoping to make it available on iTunes this year. The next issue is planned for the fall and will include much, much more (and hopefully some interactivity).

Thanks again.

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