How I Spent My Birthday (Part 2)

How I Spent My Birthday (Part 2)

Here is my second video, please excuse the wind, but I wanted to make my announcement in style.

In case you missed Part 1, check it out here.┬áIf not, let’s continue with how I celebrated my birthday.

By deciding to do this:

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak

What is it? Run (at least) a mile a day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July
How many days is that? 38 consecutive days (details here).

The next question is why:

A) I’m a creature of habit.
2) I love challenges and will easily accept them.
Lastly, I’m running a 50 miler this year and running on tired legs will be good training, one mile at a time.

The second part to that question is, Is it good for you? Well, I covered that a bit in the video, but yes, it CAN be. That is the key part. For me, it’s all about being smart and listening to my body. Is running injured or risking injuring yourself worth a streak? No. Now that we have that out of play, let’s have fun with it. I’ve always wanted to start working in recovery runs, and this will be the perfect chance to give that a try. I’ve also wanted to mix in short runs as part of a warm up for more cross training (yoga, jumping rope, plyometrics) and this will also get me motivated to do so. We’ll see how far I go, so far three days in.

The other way I spent my birthday weekend is by taking a nap with this beautiful lady. The perfect way to celebrate my first birthday as a father.


Are you taking part in the Runner’s World Running Streak? What do you think about it?


  1. Yup, I’m streaking! I’m training for my first marathon so I will already be running 4x/week. I thought 1 mile another 3 days can’t be that bad. If I start to not feel good about it, the streak is over!

    I think that’s a good way to celebrate your first b-day as a dad! :)

  2. This is great! I am also streaking :) Streakers UNITE!
    Plus you had the best birthday ever. Nothing beats baby love time :)

  3. I am not participating in the streak, I am prone to stress fractures in my feet if I run more than 4 days a week, but I think it’s great you are doing it!

  4. Good luck! I am not taking part in the Run Streak since it’s not conducive to my tri training. Have fun!! Glad you have a great birthday.
    PS love the photo of you and your daughter. Too precious.

  5. Woot woot! Glad you had a great birthday! That picture of you and your girl is too precious. Loving the vlog BTW. “Home stadium”- like that. :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Looks like the perfect way to spend it to me!
    I’m in for the Streak. I’m going strong. Today was only 2 miles, but 2 more than I would have done without the commitment!

  7. Good luck with the running streak!!!

    Happy to hear you had a good bday! The pic of you and daughter…very cute!

  8. See? You take a very no-nonsense, not overly serious stance on partaking in the runstreak. And to me THAT is how to do it if you ARE going to give it a shot. To recognize that this is meant to be a fun challenge and one that can end at any time if the body calls for it. No harm, no foul. You made a great point on my blog to that effect and I really dig your take! My stance continues to be anti-runstreak, but again – to each his/her own, I’m a firm believer in that!


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