Here is my second video, please excuse the wind, but I wanted to make my announcement in style.

In case you missed Part 1, check it out here. If not, let’s continue with how I celebrated my birthday.

By deciding to do this:

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak

What is it? Run (at least) a mile a day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July
How many days is that? 38 consecutive days (details here).

The next question is why:

A) I’m a creature of habit.
2) I love challenges and will easily accept them.
Lastly, I’m running a 50 miler this year and running on tired legs will be good training, one mile at a time.

The second part to that question is, Is it good for you? Well, I covered that a bit in the video, but yes, it CAN be. That is the key part. For me, it’s all about being smart and listening to my body. Is running injured or risking injuring yourself worth a streak? No. Now that we have that out of play, let’s have fun with it. I’ve always wanted to start working in recovery runs, and this will be the perfect chance to give that a try. I’ve also wanted to mix in short runs as part of a warm up for more cross training (yoga, jumping rope, plyometrics) and this will also get me motivated to do so. We’ll see how far I go, so far three days in.

The other way I spent my birthday weekend is by taking a nap with this beautiful lady. The perfect way to celebrate my first birthday as a father.


Are you taking part in the Runner’s World Running Streak? What do you think about it?