Training for an ultra will lead you to do some funny things… well, at least they have for me. Here are some things that may seem strange, but I have accomplished on my last 4 months of training for my upcoming 50-mile race.

  • Run hill repeats for 5 miles during the week on my lunch hour.
  • PR a 31 mile race (50k), then run 20 miles the next day (read here).
  • PR a Marathon as a training run (read here).

And now for my next adventure:

  • Running a Half-Marathon as a taper run – six days before my 50-mile race.

That’s right. This Sunday I’ll be running the Inaugural Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Francisco.

Before you start screaming through the interwebs, here me out:

13.1 miles of a 50 mile race is roughly 26%.
That would be the equivalent to running less than 7 miles before a marathon. Doesn’t seem so bad now, huh?

I’m extremely familiar with the course.
I’ve run this EXACT course 4 times as part of the US Half series and I’m fully aware of what is required. It’s hilly, but it is not something that will trash my legs requiring significant recovery time.

I’m planning on running conservatively.
My fastest time on this course is 1:50 — I’m planning on running it around 2:20 (11 min. miles). That is a comfortable pace for me and will give me plenty of time to use THIS:


Images from GoPro.com

Images from GoPro.com

Sorry, I won’t be on a bike, but I will be running with a GoPro attached to me. This is part of the reason I wanted to do the race. It would be a great opportunity to capture what it feels like to run across the Golden Gate Bridge in a race atmosphere. I’ll be testing out the settings this week and determining how it will look, but when all is said and done, I hope to have captured the entire race day feel.

Rock ‘n’ Roll’s debut in San Francisco.

An amazing course!
It starts in the marina and includes and out-and-back across the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s San Francisco, what would you expect? But don’t get too nervous, they are hills that are manageable. There are some steep climbs, but they are not very long. Don’t believe me? That 1:50 I mentioned earlier was a PR at the time, so YES, you can run this course fast. And in bunny ears.

Course and Elevation Chart >> Click to Enlarge <<

Course and Elevation Chart >> Click to Enlarge <<

Music and Cheer Stations.
It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll event, so of course there will be music, but due to the out-and-back across the Golden Gate, it limits where the bands can be located. I don’t think cars would appreciate a stage set up in the middle of the bridge. There will be a couple band stages set up and 7-8 cheer stations to keep the energy high and keep your legs moving.

Expo and Headliner Concert.
The expo will be set up at Moscone downtown Friday and Saturday. I’ll be going on Friday — let me know if you are as well. As for the headliner, it will be The Mowglis, known for their quintessential California sound and for their single San Francisco — which was used as a highlight reel for the Giants 2012 Championship season.

One thing I forgot to mention about why I’m excited about this? I won’t go through TAPER MADNESS. I have been training to run this 50 miler for three months and will be attempting to qualify for Western States 100 (must finish 50m in under 11 hours). This “fun” race will help keep my mind off the fact that I’m two weeks away from finding out if everything I’ve been doing has been right. Scary thought.

There you have it.  That’s my RnRSF preview.

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What do you think? Am I crazy?
Are you excited about the GoPro?

I am participating in RnRSF as part of my California Rock ‘n’ Blogger partnership with Competitor Group. I received a complimentary entry into the race and they are not willing to run the miles for me, so I have to run them on my own. All opinions are my own and you cannot have them.