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There are a lot miles left to run, 50 actually. I’m going to ignore that the official map says 51.2, because that would just be cruel, right?

I wanted to do a quick post and thank everyone that has helped inspire me to sign up for very first 50 mile race. The thought of doing one has been on my mind that past couple years and I finally decided to do it.

I’ll be sending out “shout outs” on Twitter to individuals that have helped me along the way in various ways:

  • By inspiring me to sign up.
  • By motivating me to wake up in the morning and understanding when I slept through it
  • By giving me the reassurance that “I can do this.”
  • By offering advice and tips
  • By sending me photos of Tim Horton donuts. 
  • And simply, by being a part of the ever-supportive running community. 

I’ve said it before, but I get so much inspiration and motivation from everyone that slips on a pair of shoes and runs.

Feel free to search #50mileinspiration to see some of the people who have helped me get to where I am.

Consider it an epic #FF list.

If you’d like to leave any last minute tips, wishes or call me crazy, now is the time.