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10. Moo-nlight Half Marathon

I saw a recent post by @RunningWithSass about her Favorite Race Bling and it got me thinking: Which of my hardware collection do I enjoy the most? I decided to list out my Top 10, because that seemed like a fun way to call out my favorites, but also give some attention to others that I enjoyed for various reasons. Sometimes it is not always about the finish time, rather the experience. Enjoy. 

10. Moo-nlight Half Marathon (2011, Davis, CA) Recap

This one makes the list simply because it was my first “night” race and it has a glow in the dark cow on the medal. How cool is that?

9. Ultra Marathon Coasters (Various, Northern Ca.) 

These three get lumped together, and yes, they are not “medals,” but they are a symbol of determination and endurance (see bottom left, it reads: “First Ultra Marathon”

8. San Francisco Marathon (2007, San Francisco, Ca.) 

I have medals from 2008, 2009, and 2010, but I’ll never forget my first year running this amazing and challenging course. 

7. Oakland Running Festival (2012, Oakland, Ca.) Recap

I love how the yellow “pops” on this medal and the prominence of the 26.2 — sorry, that is the artist in me liking the design.

6. Rock n’ Roll Heavy Medals (2010, Various) 

If you run several RNR events, you get what they call “Heavy Medals.” In 2010, I ran 3 RNR events (Arizona, Seattle, San Jose) and got these two gems.

5. US Half Combo (2011-12, San Francisco, Ca) Recap 1, Recap 2

These are two medals combined to make one.  The “blue” was the 10th anniversary and the “red” one I wore THESE and set my current PR.

4. Big Sur Internation Marathon (Big Sure, Ca) Recap

This race is a must. The scenery is amazing and there is a reason it sells out every single year and is noted as “running on the western edge of the world.”

3. Disneyland Half Marathon (2007, Anaheim, Ca)

Disney medals are the best. This is my first and only, but am anxiously awaiting to get more. I also bought a lapel pin celebrating my first Disney race. The little Mickey moves left to right. “Happiest Race on Earth”

2. New York City Marathon (2010, New York, NY) Recap

Nothing really fancy about this medal… other than it is friggin NYCM! Entered the lottery (back when it was a lottery) and got in on my first try. I was rehabbing an ITB injury, but it didn’t stop me from loving every mile of it.

1. Firenze Marathon (2006, Florence, Italy)

Two things. One: you never forget your first. Two: Florence, Italy.


Which did you like the most?

What is your favorite piece of hardware?