This post is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by Pro Compression, Netflix, Andrea Barber, Jeff Franklin, Full House, Fuller House, the cast, including Comet, the staff, or that guy at Starbucks who looks like John Stamos’ cousin. This was an idea created by someone on the internet and that’s kind of how all great things start now-a-days.




When: February 26, 2016
What: Wear your Pro Compression Multicolor stripe sock, AKA, #TheGibblers
Why: Because we can, we want to, and the interwebs said so
Why II: Because Andrea is a runner, and loves the community just as much as you and me
Why III: Because this trailer is the best. Hola Tannerinos!

See #TheGibblers on Instagram – it’s a thing.


When you realize one of these is not like the other.

When you realize one of these is not like the other.

If you already have them


You are ahead of the game and you are all set. WHOA BABY! Rock them on Friday, February 26 and share it on social. Don’t forget to use the hash #theGibblers (don’t forget the “the” and the “s”) as well as #NationalWearTheGibblersDay – yes, we know it is the longest hash ever, but that’s part of the funny.

If you don’t have them


There are a few left on the Pro Compression website (at the time of writing this, only in S/M) – if you order ASAP, you may get them in time before Friday (use code PRO16 for 40% off your entire purchase). If they are sold out in your size or they won’t arrive in time, you can still join in on the fun on social. More are likely to be made, so keep an eye on PRO’s social or sign up for their email address. This isn’t the first time we’ve done something around these socks, and I promise you, it won’t be the last.

Spread the Word


The faster everyone knows and the more people who know, the more exciting this will be. Tweet out this URL, post a photo of your #theGibblers on IG and let people know the plan. Set your alarm, then set another alarm because you are just going to hit snooze on the first one.


Phoenix Marathon #WeRunSocial Meet Up.


There is a #WeRunSocial meet up happening on Friday at 1pm at the Pro Compression booth at the expo (details here). Wear your #TheGibblers there (or you might be able to pick some up) because we are going to take a group photo and we want it to be amazing.


How excited are you for this?