Time to put your running shoes where your mouth is…

Twitter friend @nycrunningmama and I decided to have some fun with this weekend’s NFC Championship game. My being in San Francisco and her being in New York, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a friendly running wager on the game.

And it’s not limited to just us… you can totally play along. Here are the rules:

If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles. Simple. For example, WHEN the 49ers beat the Giants 24-17, @nycrunningmama will have to run 7 miles.

Mile limit:
In the occurrence that a the power goes out in Candlestick Park, AGAIN, and it turns into a blowout, we’ve capped the miles to 20 — meaning the most either of us would run is 20 miles. This works for us because we have a solid base and can log the distance. If this mileage is too high for you based on your current training, feel free to cap it at 10.

But @nycrunningmama and I are running freaks and we don’t blink at 20 miles — or we are incredibly confident (read hopeful) in our teams that we think it will be a close game.

To be run by:
I think within a week of the game sounds fair, but outstanding circumstances are understood.

Prove it:
Tweet out a photo of your garmin in shame… LOL.

Feel free to play along. If you are rooting for an AFC team — Patriots vs. Ravens — same rules apply. You don’t need to challenge an individual, just make an agreement with yourself to run the difference after you pick a team. If you could care less about stupid football, but are forced to watch the game, at least you’ll have something to root for.

Oh ya, put your running shoes where your mouth is and let us know in the comments which team you are picking…