Just wanted to give you an update on things going on. It looks like the first issue of Mush will come out next week. I’m finalizing a few things that are taking me a bit longer than expected. But I’m getting pretty excited about this (overdue) issue.

Nike’s “Just Do It” origins.

Did you know this? I can completely relate as ideas come from the most random places during the creative process. Apparently, the tag Just Do It comes from the last words during an execution. Here is the video explaining it, but the idea behind finding a tag that covers someone running for the first time to world class athletes is effective and iconic.
Also, here is the original Nike commercial from 1988. I had never seen it and for obvious reasons, LOVE it. I should recreate this or so something humorous with it, right?


Run across the Golden Gate Bridge!

Doesn’t running across the Golden Gate Bridge look fun? Then come do it with me on November 3 at the US Half Marathon in San Francisco. See what I did there?
Register at

$10 off promo: PAVEMENTRUNNER

I’ve run this race 4 times and it’s a familiar route from the Marina to Chrissy Field, through the Presidio and an out and back across the Golden Gate Bridge. Their finisher shirts are always one of my favorites and they’ve given out reusable water bottles in the past, so the swag is always exciting.
I’ve also got some Rock ‘n’ Roll promo codes as well.
Thanks for being patient as this blog has been running on “quiet” mode as I’m trying to debut a couple things. I’m also working on something for early August, which will be pretty exciting.

Do you enjoy running across bridges?