What is November Project? I get asked this question a lot. The official answer is November Project™ is a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months.” But it is SO MUCH MORE than that. NP has become a movement in the fitness and active community. We get up early, we workout often, and we wear shirts with spray paint on them… the only real way to experience it and begin to understand is to JUST SHOW UP.


NP is now present on over 15 cities — complete list here. It’s pretty much a WEDNESDAY at 6:30am kind-of-thing, but some cities have additional days with built-in workouts scheduled — AND IT’S FREE, FOREVER.

First Rule of November Project

Always talk about November Project. There are no commercials, there are no groupons or living socials, it’s simply word-of-mouth and social media madness. You don’t have to register, you don’t have to show up every week, you don’t have to have 36 abs, you just have to want to have a good time while you work out. You workout at your own pace/intensity. No one is going to scream “give me 3 more burpees” but someone might give you a high-five and MOST definitely a sweaty hug (see below).




How we roll

Okay, there are a few things that happen and we want you to be “in the know.” Here is a real quick break-down of things that might be said or happen while you are at November Project — but remember, everyone is welcome and you won’t be left out of anything. It’s a very INCLUSIVE community, trust me.

When you show up, expect to hug everyone when you meet them or introduce yourself. No shaking hands… you can put it out there, but the person is gonna hug you with a smile, sweaty or not.

Sorry for the language mom, but we say “F— yeah!” when someone asks us a question or the group (often referred to as tribe) needs a little energy. It goes something like this: “You good?” “F— yeah!”

It might be your typical workout moves, but it’s going to be accomplished in an AMAZING way. Recently in San Francisco giant board-game squares were drawn on the floor with chalk. You could start anywhere and each square had a workout and a directional area. For example, you start in one square that reads “5 push ups” and has the number 4 and an arrow to the left. So you did 5 pushups then moved 4 squares to the left. That box then had another workout and you moved on to another square… like a giant board game. Anything from burpees, to running a lap, to leap-frog, to stairs, to squats, you name it, we do it, but we do it different.

No uniform, but if you have “grassroots gear” (the spray-painted shirts) then feel free to rock it. You can wear Nike, Adidas, LA Gear, Brooks Brothers, whatever you want. Each tribe has its own icon (SF = Golden Gate Bridge, Philly = Liberty Bell) and it’s a badge of honor to wear it. Each city does their “tagging” at different times during the month, so you just have to commit and show up to earn it. Oh ya, bring your own shirt and we do it for free.

Those are essentially the basics that will get you through your first November Project. It’s really simple and it’s a great community that is filled with encouragement and inspiration. Any and all are welcome. Oh, just be aware of “the verbal.” If you say something along the lines of attending a future workout, it’s like written in stone with a dragon that breathes fire making sure you stay true to your word. If you are looking for a more in-depth look at other vocab for NP, you can do so here, but no need to study, there will not be a test.




Where are my Bay Area peeps at?!?! When I post photos in Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, you all say: “I have to check this out” or “I need to go,” essentially dropping a mini-verbal. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT.

Every Wednesday
Alta Plaza Park, San Francisco — 6:30 am

Workouts are typically 30 mins, then we do some hugs, take some pics, you can safely plan to be on your way by 7:15 or join us for coffee afterwards, otherwise known as “Breakfast Club.”

Are you ready to drop a verbal in your city?