The Oakland Running Festival is this weekend and many of the people I follow on Twitter or are friends with on Facebook will also be running. Many events have been organizing Social Media gatherings for people to interact, so let’s give it a try.

I thought it would be great to organize a Tweetup, or Social Media Meet Up. A place and time for all of us to gather and actually meet in person. GASP. Plus, I’m a bit nervous for the race, so all the positive running vibes I can surround myself with might get me through those final miles.

Here are the details!

I know people will be in and out of the expo, but if you want to swing by and share in a pre-race high-five or have general running chit chat, it’d be great to see you. There is an open area near the hotel’s box office. Let’s plan to gather there. 

There is a chance there might be some tasty beverages. Score!

Hope to see you there! I plan on arriving at the Expo around 11:30 and spending some time walking around. I’ll be wearing a red shirt with this super cool logo so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hello.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Also, most of us only know what your profile picture looks like, so introduce yourself and get to know the people you tweet, or poke, or friend, or follow… all the things we do as social media gurus.

Feel free to throw a comment below, let us know if you’ll be able to join us or shout out your race goals!