Here is a photo recap of the Oakland Running Festival 2012, enjoy.

As you can see, the start line is a perfect place for the “two-finger-mouth-open point!” Let’s do this thing!

Still looking happy… what am I doing with my arms? I have no idea. Holding an imaginary martini? Maybe.

“We didn’t start the fire…” The falming arch, an annual favorite site hosted by The Crucible. And incase you were wondering where the fire is, I’m pointing at it. See!

OK. Form is much better now… but then again, when you are running next to Pau Gasol (see below), you have to bring your A game. We actually look pretty similar in stride and form, but his beard is much more rockin’.

Stop yelling at me Pau, I’m trying to finish strong.

Arms are back to flopping around, but I’m clearly trying to avoid the puddle and escape the crazy flying ponytail behind me.

Note: You see that square in my pocket? That is a poncho that I carried with me the whole way incase it started to rain. I knew by mile 10 rain wasn’t gonna happen, but I started to consider it a good luck charm. Its’ name was Charlie and he wanted to finish what he started. I obliged.

Running with your eyes closed is way cooler that running with them open. Especially when the person behind you (pink) is flying. No really, look! Her feet aren’t even touching the ground. I think Charlie was scared, too!

…And we’ve come full circle. For some reason I can’t keep my mouth closed in photos, sorry. But that medal around my neck makes everything alright.

For the full recap (and more photos) here is my official Oakland Running Festival recap.

So, what did you think about the photos? Do I have a future as America’s Next Top Model?