I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to be a Captain for Team Chocolate Milk for 2014 (and the backpack makes it official — how sweet is that?). I did my first event for them earlier this year in RnR Arizona (recap here) and happy to say that we’ll be doing more fun events (like this one)  throughout the year.

The first one is happening this weekend at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (and half).  I’ll be hosting a shakeout run at 10am Saturday morning. It’ll be at a comfortable pace (for all) and last around 30 mins. around the Harbor Drive (which wraps around the San Diego Bay).

Shakeout Run

When: Saturday, May 31, at 10am
Where: Meet at the Chocolate Milk booth inside the Expo
Why: it’ll be a great way to socialize, and of course, to loosen up the legs for Sunday… but mostly let’s socialize. :)
Win things: Chocolate Milk will be giving away some cool swag (gear, visors, etc) and hosting a raffle for a VIP pass for Sunday’s race. And maybe I’ll have a couple RUN ALL DAY shirts.

I’ll be rocking the full distance for the second year in a row. As of right now I don’t have a major time goal, but I’ll be attempting to run a strong race and finish around 3:45. My PR is 3:37, but I’m training for a 52.4 mile race in July (details and giveaway here), and this will be a great way to build up towards that.


It’s race weekend, so that means we are going to be taking pictures like crazy. I’ll be rocking my Chocolate Milk gear most of the weekend, so if you spot me be sure to say hi. And while we’re at it, let’s take a selfie.

I’m looking to have A LOT of fun this weekend. Running doesn’t always have to be about breaking PR’s or pushing it aggressively… sometimes it can just be about having fun with friends, internet ones especially included.

Will I see you in San Diego?