Every super hero has an origin story… you know… how they became who they were. How Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed in front of him setting him off in the direction of ridding Gotham City of crime, or how Peter Parker was bit by a genetically altered spider in a lab. In fact, you don’t have to be a super hero to have an origin story.

Here is mine:

One night while working on a chemistry experiment, a lightning bolt came crashing through a window, spilling a tray of chemicals all over me. Dazed, I shook it off and decided to go home. I tried to flag down a taxi but it wouldn’t stop. As it sped off, I decided to chase after it managing to catch up with extraordinary ease. Over the next few days I noticed changes in my reflexes, most notably my SUPERHUMAN speed.
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I was featured last week as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassador over on their blog and I was happy to share my tale.

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