What are you doing with that book you finished reading three books ago? For me it’s sitting on my book shelf almost as a trophy saying “look at the magnificent collection of endurance books I have clearly educated myself with.” Time for a change.

These books should be set free to inspire and motivate others. That’s why I decided to create something called: Pave It Forward. It works just like Pay It Forward: Do a good deed and instead of being rewarded, ask that person to reward it to someone else. I bought and read these books, soaked up the knowledge and want to share it with you, for free. The only catch is, I’d like you to do the same.

Only 1 Rule:

If you win this book, please do a Pave It Forward post with a review of the book and give it away to someone else… who will in turn, do the same thing, and so on, and so on.

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As Good As Gold 

By Kathryn Bertine 

With the 2012 Olympics in London just around the corner, it reminded me about a book I read a few years ago. Kathryb Bertine’s “As Good As Gold.” Have you ever wondered what takes to make it to the Olympics? 

In 2006, prompted by ESPN which she is also a writer for, Katherine embarked on a journey and dream to make it to the 2008 Olympics “—by any means possible.” Share in her experiences as she goes all out to in trying to make it to the Olympics. The cover of the book reads: 1 woman, 9 sports, 10 countries and a 2-year quest to make the Summer Olympics.

It’s a quick, easy, sometimes sad and humorous read that gives you a look into the journey an athlete must go through to make it onto an Olympic team,. Have you ever thought “How does team handball make it into the Olympics?” Well, let Kathryn share with you how intense it can be. 

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London 2012: Here is an article on ESPN W on Kathryn’s 2012 Olympic journey.

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