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Road N2 (Cherry Tomato/Lime): “the perfect balance of light and fast with just enough cushioning and durability to provide the maximum confidence you need to go the distance”

UPDATE: Winner announced and my review/video added below.

You know that I love some clever marketing. When I saw that Pearl Izumi launched a new campaign with the tag “the downsides of a more efficient run,” I was intrigued, checked it out and watched some of the videos. It has sort of a mock-umentry type of feel, or almost a Reno 911 style (if you remember that show). It’s funny, sort of a tongue-in-cheek kind of way to make fun of ourselves… and I’m all for that.

Videos like:


Here is a link to view DOWNSIDES videos.

Here is the quick 411 about the philosophy behind Project eMotion:


DYNAMIC OFFSET PHILOSOPHY: Most running shoes utilize a static offset, while Project E:MOTION delivers a smoother sensation with an ever-changing heel to ball-of-the-foot offset throughout the stride. A simple, common sense platform that intuitively adapts to your body to support how you run.      

PHASE 1:INITIAL CONTACT: No matter whether you’re a heel-, midfoot-, or forefoot-striker, a smooth, flowing stride begins at the moment of initial ground contact. Your body’s weight is centered in the rear half of your foot, where the midsole is responsible for absorbing the initial shock. 

PHASE 2: LOADING: As you enter the Loading phase, your heel, forefoot and toes become engaged and weight bearing. The front half of Project E:MOTION’s midsole begins to lower smoothly as the forefoot bears most of your weight.

PHASE 3: TRANSITION: It’s in the Transition phase where the benefits of Project E:MOTION truly come into play. As your lower leg pivots over the foot, your weight is smoothly transferred from your heel and midfoot to the forefoot. Absolutely nothing jarring or abrupt. The front of the midsole continues to gently lower until your bodyweight is centered on the forefoot.

Pearl Izumi Project Emotion Gear


SHOES: I’ve been running in the N2 road shoes from Pearl Izumi on and off for the last month. I mostly used them during my lunch runs, logging anywhere from 3-5 miles in them. I was in the middle of running 2 marathons in 16 days for June and wanted to keep my legs fresh, so I didn’t get a chance to test them out on anything much longer than that. It actually worked out perfectly, as I was fairly comfortable in clocking some faster miles in this more “efficient” shoe. I found myself slipping easily into some sub-8 minute miles. The shoes were light and most of the upper part of the shoe is made of mesh material so it felt very “open” if that makes any sense.

The N2 is described as a neutral trainer, but I felt comfortable enough with knowing it still had a decent amount of cushion in the shoe. I’m used to running in a stability shoe for longer distances and knowing that these are designed using “Dynamic Offset technology for a lively and smooth ride that eliminates forefoot slap and reduces shock” gave me peace of mind (see the longer more technical description above). Basically, I could feel that there was some cushioning between me and the ground when I was running in them. It wasn’t enough to feel like I was running in “moon shoes,” but it was more than you would find in a minimalist shoe, which I’m not ready for yet.


GEAR: The sun sleeves were phenomenal. As soon as I saw them and tried them on, I immediately decided to wear them at the SF Marathon (photos above). I had never run in them before race day (yes, I know, “nothing new on race day”) but I love running in sleeves and they just “looked perfect.” I wore them the entire race and am a huge fan of them now. They are called sun sleeves because of the built in UPF 40+ sun protection (BONUS) and they also moisture management with ELITE Transfer fabric. The shirt was along the lines of your typical quality running shirt, effective, light-weight,  moisture control. I liked the simple front and it kept me free from worrying about any chafing issues. The shorts were a little “short” for my taste, but they were comfortable and functional with several seal-able pocket options. I hate having to worry about my ID or keys flying out of my pocket so having a zipper or velcro always makes things much easier.

You’ll definitely be seeing this gear in upcoming lunch runs and instagram photos, but until then, check out the fun video I made.

The downside to a more efficient run? THIS:

The winner announced below just won:

  • Pair of Project E:Motion shoes (men’s or women’s)
  • Pearl Izumi running shorts
  • Pearl Izumi sun sleeves
  • Project E:Motion t-shirt.

I’ll be contacting the winner below via email to let them know.


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I was not paid for this post, but I was given the opportunity to try Pearl Izumi gear free of charge along with the opportunity to share a prize pack with a lucky winner. I have yet to review the gear, but once I do, all opinions will be my own and 100% honest.  Advertisement: