Well, kind of. I tried to debut on Periscope, an app that allows you to live broadcast video, at the summit of Mt. Diablo. Unfortunately at over 3800 ft., the reception was poor. So much for my grand idea of sweeping landscape views in the background. None-the-less, I headed down a few hundred feet and gave it another shot. The reception was better, but obviously not at it’s best if you tried to watch it live. Thankfully, you can still view the video for a short period of time after it has been posted.

HERE IT IS, my debut on Periscope.

Unfortunately, the life of a Perisocpe video is very short. But you can read about the race recap here.

What did I talk about in the video?

If you didn’t have time to watch (or you missed the small window where it was streamable), I’ll do my best to provide a brief recap. Earlier this year I made an attempt to break 3:30 at the Phoenix Marathon. in hindsight, I  wasn’t truly honest with myself and went in under-prepared. My hamstring basically gave out early on in the race and it was pretty much a bust. Afterwards, I decided that I needed to rely on the help of professionals to help me figure this thing out and began working with a strength coach, Angela Tieri. She helped me figure out a better way to approach my stretching and what area of my body needed to be strengthened so that right side of my body didn’t basically quit on me.

Next, I started working with a running coach, Daniel Clayton, the co-tribe leader of November Project San Francisco. Over the last 16-weeks, I’ve been following a running plan and putting in the effort to reach my goal. I can honestly say, it was an entirely new experience and I was putting in quality workouts and running harder (and smarter) than I ever have before.

And as a surprise to many, I snuck away last weekend like a social ninja and ran the Santa Rosa marathon. I’ve missed 3:30 several times and I wanted to sort of keep this one under the radar. Apart from a couple of friends and the November Project tribe, no one really knew what I was training for. Unfortunately, as you might have noticed, I’m no popping champagne bottles and doing a happy dance which means I missed my goal.

I’ll have a race recap up on Friday with more details, but I ran a really strong 20 miles at a PR pace and just didn’t have anything left in the tank. I’ll elaborate more on why this happened, but the GREAT news is that the hammy gave me ZERO issues and I’m the closest to my goal than I have ever been before. Even though the finishing time doesn’t show it, I had a really strong race.

Read about the Santa Rosa Marathon in greater detail.

What happened to the end of the video?

Obviously, reception was an issue and it sort of just turned off. I was getting ready to sign off anyways, but I was going to let you know that I had just finished the 7+ mile run/hike up Mt. Diablo to the summit and was on my way back down. I ended up with 15 miles, a periscope video, an empty hydration pack, and some dirty trail shoes… not too shabby for a Wednesday.

Have you ever thought of trying out Periscope?
Is there something you’d like to see next time?