That time is finally here. The post I have been eagerly waiting to write while at the same time being terrified of it. A few months ago I wrote about throwing myself entirely into the process and aiming for that BQ, that better than a 3:05 finish time. I would love to sit here and type out that I stuck to my BQ plan and am ready to take on that pace, but that wouldn’t be true.

Over the past few months I had some really strong training runs and some poor ones as well, you need both to make you stronger. If this were the old me, you would likely see me throwing out a number like sub 3:20 and I would go out like a blaze of glory, then fade, then watch my race fall apart as I got closer to the finish line. But actually taking the time to think about HOW I want to experience this race and aiming for a reasonable, but not over-reaching goal, seems like the better option. So here we go.


Chasing a PR

My fastest marathon is 3:37. Last year I made a go at sub 3:30 a couple of times and it just didn’t happen. THAT is still my goal and it took me awhile to realize that IF I was able to do that in Phoenix, would I be happy? The answer is yes, and that is where I am placing my goals. I’ll be aiming to keep an 8 min pace for the majority of the race. Staying patient in the beginning and letting my legs find solace in knocking out even splits mile after mile.

The goal is to rock an 8 min avg. pace and get to mile 22 around 2:56 and reassess from there. If I am able to hold to the 8 min pace, I would finish around 3:29. If my legs are feeling STRONG, I could try to pick it up slightly over the last 4 miles. This is the same strategy that I have used in my previous attempts, but I feel more confident about it now. I’ve trained smarter and have put myself in a position to go after it.


The Playlist

Here it is. 3:38 minutes of music. It’s a mix of anything and everything.
Special shout out to @SharpEndurance. Basically, it might be his fault if this whole thing falls apart. HAHA.





Social Events

This weekend will also include large social gatherings. Once a few of us put PHX on the calendar, the social peer pressure grew and grew and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces and finally getting to meet some social friends in person. If you are going to be there, feel free to swing on by.

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At the expo
1-3 p.m. at the Pro Compression booth.
Many of the PRO ambassadors are running this race and will be at the expo around this time. You don’t have to stay the entire time, it’s more a swing by, drop in and chat while you are at the expo kind of thing. I’ll most likely be there around 2.

The most epic pre-race dinner
5 p.m. at LGO. 4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix
It’s open seating area and you are free to come and go as you please. Most of will be grabbing some food and hanging out outside in the patio area, but if you want to come by before (or after) your own plans, we highly encourage it. Probably lots of eating, selfie taking, laughing, and fun will be had. You have been warned.

The hashtag: #ItsGoingDownAtPHX
If you want to follow along or join in on the conversation, that is the official hashtag for the weekend. We apologize in advance if your social feed is filled with awesomeness.

* * * *

There you have it. The goal is pretty straight-forward. Put myself in position to run a strong race and take down that long-standing goal of sub 3:30. I’m looking forward to this weekend and can’t wait to get this party started.

Any last-minute advice?