What if I stopped racing? What if I focused on training? What if I was all in for a single race, how fast could I go? These are questions that I have been thinking about for the better part of this year. There was always something on the calendar that had been planned and in typical “me” fashion, I had to run ALL THE RACES.

@RunEMZ has been telling me about the PHOENIX MARATHON for some time, to come race it: “it’s fast.” Well, if you haven’t seen the flurry on the interwebs, it’s happening the weekend of February 28, 2015 (Saturday is race day)



It’s Going Down at PHX

The list is growing and it seems like ALL THE RUNNERS are making plans to race in Phoenix. There is a full (limited to 4K) and half (limited to 6K) option. The full will be stocked with runners mostly looking to PR or BQ. It’s a downhill course — see what I did with “it’s going down” — and there will be some sort of HUGE MEET UP happening. Look at this lineup:


12 Weeks to Glory

I currently have a 3:37 marathon PR. That was last December and after a few failed attempts to better that time early in the year, it became apparent that I had “peaked” with my marathon time and busy race schedule. I bounced back and forth through the second half of this year with focusing on some shorter distances and back-to-back racing challenges. My 3 halfs in 2 days was my last race of the year and I clearly went out with a party.

For the next 12 weeks, I’m training like I want to BQ — the key word there is “like.” I’m realistic with my goals and know that going from 3:37 to sub 3:05 in 12 weeks is a HUGE ask. But what if? What if I truly gave all of myself to a training program with a goal of 7 minute miles? What if I stopped racing and threw myself (mind, body, and soul) into a single goal?

What happens if I fail?

Imagine this. I go for 7 minute miles from the start. If it follows a similar suit as my “bonked” races and I hold that until mile 18-ish. If I was able to do that and finished the last 8 miles at a slower pace, I would PR like CRAZY. Do you know that I would be a ball of tears if I finished a marathon around 3:15? 3:20? That’s not a fail, that’s a FRIGGIN reason to celebrate. What’s the downside of going for it?




Register now, save 10%

Use code PAVEY10 to save 10% on registration. You are going to see in a paragraph that I am doing a giveaway for a free entry. Yes, it would be amazing to win a free entry, but only ONE of you will.  I look at it like this, go ahead and register now and save 10%, then if you win, bring a friend with you. It’s going to be a giant party that weekend, so the more the merrier.


Here it is: win a FREE ENTRY to the Phoenix Marathon. A randomly selected winner will receive a comp entry to either the half or the full marathon on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The winner will be notified via email and a have a few days to confirm and accept the entry.

Good Luck.
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Good Luck Everyone!
See you in PHX!