Playlist Thursday: Remember Videos?

Playlist Thursday: Remember Videos?

This week, we are highlighting music videos. Yes, these are running songs, but I’ve found that having a visual while listening to music, especially when running, can completely transport you to another place and time. Here we go.

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old. I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.
Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year. I know, but you have to give me some leeway here.
Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

Something Old

Artist: Sia
Title: Breathe Me (2004)
Side Note: **SPOILER ALERT** I used the video from the end of SIX FEET UNDER because that is what I associate this song with. If you want the official music video, SFU spoiler free version, click here. This series finale is (IMO) the best. ending. ever. I welcome any other nominations in the comments, but the show was amazing and the series finale was incredible. It’s a slow song, but my pace picks up during it and I’m transfixed by her voice.
Quotable: “Help, I have done it again. I have been here many times before. Hurt myself again today. And, the worst part is there’s no-one else to blame ”

Something Current

Artist: Beyonce
Title: All The Single Ladies
Side Note: I really wanted to put up the SNL version with Justin Timberlake, but SNL videos are so hard to keep live (try link here). As Kanye said (yes, he’s an ass) “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” and he wasn’t wrong. So while running, feel free to put that hand in the air and do the front-back-hand-twisty-thing.
Quotable: “Up in the club, we just broke up. I’m doing my own little thing ”

Something to Consider

Artist: OK Go
Title: Here It Goes Again
Side Note: C’mon, we are runners. Why wouldn’t a treadmill video make it on here? If you have never seen this, welcome to the internet. We’ve been waiting for you This is a must watch… you know you wanna try it. Who has 6 treadmills we can borrow and who wants to do it with me?
Quotable: “It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of the reserve.”


All right, that’s the list. 

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What did you think? Are there any songs that transfer you to another time and place?


  1. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you to come over and fill my ipod.
    Im so bad with the music :)

    • I can make you a mix tape… it should fit nicely in your yellow walkman.

  2. I’ve always been mesmerized by the Ok Go video and the treadmills – but it kind of scares me!

  3. The treadmill video kills me every time I see it! And love the first two–can’t help but sing the Beyonce song all day long when you hear it.

  4. I <3 SIA!!! She's on my playlist :)

  5. Video??? What’s a video???? Once upon a time there were video channels like MTV that used to actually show them. I miss those days ;-)

  6. Way to rock out to the Beyonce! As a dancing runner, I must say this motivates me on all levels, singing dancing and running (much to my hubby’s embarrassment)

    • I’m all about dancing and running AT THE SAME TIME. We should make a video of what we hear (playing music while video shows us dance-running). Then show what it looks like to other people (same video of us dance-running without audio).

  7. i LOVE music videos. We are actually trying to figure out a way to incorporate watching certain music videos at our wedding reception. it’s “music” themed & we feel there is a certain element of pure awesomeness to (CERTAIN) music videos.

    great list, as always. Now i need to go home and re-start six feet under. such a good’in

  8. I am all about the beats from the 90’s, especially the New Jack Swing music when it comes to working out…I’m talking about New Edition, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, Bel Biv Devoe…good times!

  9. Great picks as usual. That Sia song is probably one of my favorites. Seriously, The OK Go video is mesmerizing to me.

  10. I like working out to that OK Go song! I want to learn that treadmill routine.

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