Playlist Thursday: Halloween

Playlist Thursday: Halloween

Let’s get ready for the creepy, crawly season… a great recommendation from @redrunningshoe over at, let’s do songs that make you think of Halloween. Could be any song that is either creepy, haunting sounding, or perhaps the video is scary or maybe even the singer is creepy.

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old

Artist: Korn
Title: Falling Away From Me
Side Note: Remember Korn? They were hot for a minute. Their videos were always dark, interesting and intense. I think this was towards the end of MTVs TRL reign… Some of these guys could be pretty scary if you encountered them in a dark alley.
Quotable: “Hear what others say. I’m here standing hollow. Falling away from me. Falling away from me ”


Something Current

Artist: Rihanna
Title: Diamonds
Side Note: Have you seen what Rihanna wears? Those are costumes, right? Because if that is “fashion,” I’m out of touch — which is highly likely. This is one of those songs that the beat carries you. I like running to slower songs (Alicia Keys, Adele) and this fits right in. The heavy and consistent drum beat keeps the pace going.
Quotable: “Shine bright like a diamond. ”


Something to Consider

Artist: Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
Title: Scream
Side Note: I know you wanted to see Thriller in here. It’s a MUST for this category and that is exactly why it’s not included. But SCREAMing fits perfectly with the theme. Love this video and my favorite moment is at 3:05… it slows down… Janet whispers… then the guitar kicks in and the two of them break it down! Second favorite part? When the hold each other at the end.
Quotable: “You tell me I’m wrong. Then you better prove you’re right.”

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How was this week’s line up?

Costume all set for Halloween?





  1. my costume IS all set.
    Im going as a Steelers terrible towel;-)

  2. I really like your other Halloween songs – because I could only come up with the obvious – Thriller! Scream is great!

  3. LOVE DIAMONDS! It’s my jam!! Also whenever I think of halloween the song H-A DOUBLE L O W DOUBLE E N spells halloween… from my elementary school days haha

  4. I love that Rihanna Song. I have it on repeat.

    I think I will be a sailor :)

  5. Always enjoy your playlist. Good choice on the MJ song.

  6. Great choices! I love me some Korn when I weightlift! and THRILLER for Cardio of course ;)

  7. I knew you’d have an MJ song in there, and Korn, TRL? we are really dating ourselves here haha. What’s the first lady going as? I still have no costume for B…terrible mom ha!

  8. Ooh I LOVE Halloween. Costume is coming together nicely and I am trying not to eat the candy!

  9. I love the TRL throw back, I used to rush home EVERY day to make sure I got to see Carson :) Now that I think about it I probably should have been out running instead!

  10. Michael Jackson had a lot of songs that could have been great picks for halloween! Korn. Wow… I kind of miss them. They had some good tunes for a hot minute there!

  11. Well, I had to stop by and give some playlist love today…been way off course with keeping up with blogs this week. Ack.

    LOVE Rihanna, and her latest song doesn’t disappoint. I always loved her bright ref hair. Girl could pull that off so well.

    I miss MJ hard core. Always love his tunes and they take up a good chunk of space on my pc. Hehe.

    My cousin was a huge skater when we were growing up, so I got my fair share of Korn. Haha.

    Great list, man!

    • I totally meant bright red. Haha. Ref hair. Ha.

  12. Great picks. Bands like Korn always bring me back to high school – my brother was really into that music scene.

    My husband and I are headed to a costume party on Saturday night. I’m going as a bag of jelly beans :)


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