We are going back in to time…


Slightly revised rules — just for this week:

Something Old: a song that was at least 5 years old WHILE YOU WERE IN HS that you listened to
Something Current: a song that was your jam at some point WHILE YOU WERE IN HS
Something to Consider: a song that you enjoyed and came out WHILE YOU WERE IN HS

Sense a theme? Okay, totaly dating myself here, but this was my HS playlist:

Something Old

Artist: Madonna
Title: Vogue
Side Note: For my fellow yoga friends that post on twitter, they know I like to say “strike a pose, there’s nothing to it”THIS is why.
Quotable: “Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean. Picture of a beauty queen”

Something Current

Artist: Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre and Queen Penn
Title: No Diggity
Side Note: Remember Lil’ Penny from the Nike commercials – voiced by Chris Rock? Yep, that was around this time, hence the puppet in the music video. I remember playing this song all the time. I had the single on CD. I think I paid 1.99 for it at Tower Records or Sam Goody… funny that the price hasn’t really changed too much now that we are in the future on iTunes.
Quotable: “By no means average. She’s on when she’s got to have it”

Something to Consider

Artist: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
Title: Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)
Side Note: Oh c’mon! You know you remember it. This was late 90s rap in it’s classic days. Tatyana Ali (Ashley from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) also had a single using this same beat — I’ve met her by the way and have her autograph somewhere. You’re welcome for the trip down memory lane. 
Quotable: “Uptown is the place where I lay my dome. On the streets of the Bronx where my family roam.”

There you have it. Now you know the era when I was in high school. Actually, the humor is that when I was in highschool, a playlist didn’t really exist. We had mix tapes for quite some time, but it was also around the time when CD burners were making their first appearance. Crazy, right?

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Does this make you feel old, young or a fellow classmate?

What was your high school jam?