With the start of a New Year, it’s the perfect opportunity to breathe some new life into your playlist. Whether it is an older song that gets the legs moving or a new one that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, it’s time to “refresh” your playlist.

New year, same format.

Something Old: Songs that are at least 5 years old. (I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.)
Something Current: Songs that have been released within the past year.
Something to Consider: This is the wild card category. Feel free to list any song: old, current, guilty pleasure, underground, whatever.

Something Old

Artist: Prince
Title: 1999
Side Note: Prince has been pretty good about limiting his music on the internet, so forgive the poor video selection. You really can’t celebrate the start of a New Year, without this song. His purple highness wants you to get down, and “party like it’s 1999.”
Quotable: “The sky was all purple, There were people running everywhere”

Something Current

Artist: Rihanna
Title: Diamonds
Side Note: I’ve shared this before, so please forgive me. But the beauty of this song lies in the first couple lyrics. “I choose to be happy.” That’s it. That’s should be the motto for the whole year, You are in control of your happiness. You are in control of the decisions you make and the path you take. It’s up to you to “shine bright like a diamond.”
Quotable: “Find light in the beautiful sea. I choose to be happy.”

Something to Consider

Artist: The Script featuring
Title: Hall of Fame
Side Note: Back in the day videos used to mean something (how old do I sound when you read that?). They were a way the artist would share their “vision” of the song. Sometimes it was exactly what you needed to make you LOVE a song. It could take an average song and make it better. This may be one of those cases. Please take a second to watch the video, sorry that there is an into before the song gets started. This used to be the thing to do. (Think Michael Jackson’s Thriller)
Quotable: “You can go the distance. You can run the mile. You can walk straight through hell with a smile.”

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How do you plan to “refresh” yourself for 2012?