Super excited for this week’s Playlist Thursday. We’re going with a theme this week: Women Empowerment (Define as you like) and looks like more people are joining in on the fun. Don’t forget to check out the Playlist Thursday Catalogue — a complete listing of the most recent Playlist Thursday posts by fellow bloggers (this is a Permalink, so you can visit back week after week). You’re free to join in, just send me your URL and I’ll add you on the list.

Something Old: These will be songs that are at least 5 years old. I know that isn’t too long to be considered old, but music turnover happens quickly.
Something Current: These will be songs that have been released within the past year. I know, but you have to give me some leeway here.
Something to Consider: These will be songs that are not typically heard on the radio and may be by artists you’ve never heard of or considered running to. This is the wild card category, can be old or current.

Something Old

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Title: Go Your Own Way
Side Note: As runners, we obviously love to do things “our own way.” But this week being a ‘women empowerment” theme, it didn’t seem right without including the voice of Stevie Nicks. “Edge of 17” and that awesome guitar riff was going to originally go here, but the presence of having the the strength to be independent (even if you don’t want to) through a rocky relationship wins outright.  Fleetwood Mac was singing about Rumors long before Adele.
Quotable: “You can go your own way! Go your own way. You can call it another lonely day.”


Something Current

Artist: Adele
Title: Someone Like You
Side Note: Speaking of Adele… I know, her music was over-played across the radio, but I don’t listen to the radio and her 19 and 21 albums are the sound of gold on repeat. This is slow song, but I completely get lost in the lyrics, the piano, her voice and just get in a “almost zen” mode when I’m running. Adele does her thing. She stands there and lets her lyrics and talent loose. No gimics. No half-naked videos. Just pure talent. Pure empowerment by example.
Quotable: “Nothing compares. No worries or cares. Regrets and mistakes. They are memories made. Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?”


Something to Consider

Artist: Alicia Keys
Title: No One
Side Note: Effin love this song. The beat is slow, but it’s constant and it makes my stride pick up like no other. Weird, but it works. This song makes it on the list for Alicia letting everyone know to forget what other people say, trust your heart and know that “everything is gonna be alright.” And when the song breaks down at the 3:27 mark, hell ya!
Quotable: “But all I know is everything’s going to be alright. No one, no one, no one. Can get in the way of what I’m feeling”

There you have it. Almost like one led into the other. Fleetwood Mac made Rumors. Adele sang slow about rumors. Alicia Keys sang slow with a piano… full circle, right?

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What did you think? Women Empowerment songs, yes or no?