First off, how rock star are these shoes? They’re from KSWISS as part of their IronMan K-ONA line. I’ve don’t have any and have never run in a pair of KSWISS shoes, just thought they would be cool for a 4th of July 5k.

OH YA! I signed up for my VERY FIRST 5k race. Well, I’ve walked one before, but have never RUN one. It’s a local 4th of July 5k and I’m curious as to how I will do. So I open it up to you, the reader.

Predict my 5k finish time — win a prize!

  1. Price Is Right Rules: closest without going over.
  2. If there are duplicates, whoever guessed the time first, wins —so  look at previous comments.
  3. Times must be minutes and seconds. No partial or 100ths of a seconds will be counted.
  4. You have until the start of the race to guess. Winner will be announced 7/5

I don’t know what you’ll win… how about a $5 giftcard to Starbucks? That’s $1 for every K.

Here are some times to help you guess:

Fastetst 1 Mile: 6:28 — last weekend
Fastest 10k: 50:45 (8:10 pace) — 2009
Fastest Half: 1:50:38 (8:20 pace) — 2012

And now, here is our winner for the first Pave It Forward giveaway.

Congratulations: Angela of you won “As Good As Gold” by Kathryn Bertine

The “tweet” number comment came up in Random Generator, but your previous comment was so funny, I included it. I’ll reach out to you shortly to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone that participated and for all the “wonderful idea” comments. Feel free to join in and do one yourself. You can grab the logo and hold your own. Let’s make this a way for us to share things that inspire and motivate us. I’ll be doing more, guaranteed.

… Come on down. How fast will I finish my 5k?