There is a first time for everything, and this weekend is one of those times. A couple of amazing things are happening this weekend. First, I’ll be running the furthest distance these legs have gone: 52.4 miles. I’ve run a 50 before, but this is further than that, just barely. #StillCounts Second, I’ll be running back-to-back marathons with the San Francisco Marathon and planning accordingly. I’ve been trying to work a timeline for running a marathon at midnight, and basically having to work backwards from the start of marathon number 1. Be at the start an hour before to stretch, bathroom, loosen up, then be up a couple of hours before that to eat, wake up, etc. Then factor in 7 hours of sleep and dinner before… well, that looks like this:

Noon: Dinner (or lunch?)
2pm: Sleep (?)
9pm: wake up/breakfast
11pm: Be at the start
Midnight: First 26.2

Beanie, Asics shirt, Nike gloves, North Face hydration pack, Asics Kayanos, safety/visibility gear

Beanie, Asics shirt, Nike gloves, North Face hydration pack, Asics Kayanos, safety/visibility gear


Then there is the second race that starts at 5:40 am, the San Francisco Marathon with everyone else. I can’t start this race BEFORE 5:40, so I’ll want the first 26.2 to last long enough that I’m not standing around for too long. I’m hoping that it takes me around 5 hours that way I have about 40 minutes to change, use the potty, stretch some more, refuel and be at the start line give friends a high-five before we start. It all sounds good on paper (on the screen?).

5am: Finish first 26.2
5-5:30am: Change, refuel, potty, high-five friends
5:40am: Second 26.2


Nike tank, Asics shorts and shoes, Pearl Izumi Arm Sleeves, SPI Belt

Nike tank, Asics shorts and shoes, Pearl Izumi Arm Sleeves, SPI Belt


I’m not sure what Sunday will be like, but I’m looking to have a good time and experience something new. The good thing is that I’ll have home-field advantage. I know where I’ll be and I know how far I have left to go. I’ve run the SF Marathon 4 times (?), and I find comfort in knowing what to expect.

For Charity

Thank you everyone that donated. I reached my goal and surpassed it and couldn’t have done it without the help of you and the partnership with brands in donating items for the giveaway. Congratulations to everyone that won and an extra HUGE thank you to everyone that donated.


If you are on the internet or your phone with nothing to do on Sunday and want to know how I’m doing, you can track runners through the SF Marathon App.

To track one of your family or friends as they make their way around the course, simply go to the “Runners and Results” page of the app. Search for your runner using the magnifying glass icon, type in their first or last name or bib number, and select their name. When on their profile page, press the Star icon until it lights up blue. You are now tracking that runner. You can view their progress by returning to the “Runners and Results” page, the runners you track will be indicated by the tab at the bottom of the page Click this tab and you will see a list of your tracked runners. Click a runner and you will see their real-time progress.

My bib number is: 520


On twitter, I’ll be sending out tweets using the hashtag #Pavey52

I know it should be Pavey52.4 but the . won’t work on twitter and Pavey524 sounds like too many miles. I’m not sure how often I’ll be sending out tweets as I’ll be running, but if you want to share updates or if someone is tracking, maybe include #Pavey52 so everyone can follow.

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Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support.
I’m channeling all of it.