Most of the posts on this blog involve running, but with such a huge impact in endurance sports, the abundance of news and controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong has left me with more questions and even fewer answers.

I’m not capable of stating whether someone did or did not do something. I have no idea. Sure, I’ve seen all the articles written about the reports and seen the tweets and Facebook shares that are almost (now) synonymous with news and statements (depending on the source).

Short of an admission of guilt, not one implied, is the ONLY real way we would know. Sad that a declaration of innocence doesn’t carry the same weight.

That is why this post is simple questions. I don’t have the correct answers, very few people do. Just simple questions that many of us are probably also wondering.

Question Time:

Did Lance Armstrong use performance enhancing drugs?

If so, for how long?

If he did not, how can we ever believe his innocence when the sport is filled with top place finishers found “dirty?”

Is the creation of his foundation,  Livestrong, enough to give him a pass in the court of public opinion?

If he saved just one life or inspired just one person, does it make it worth it?

Is this another case of a really good athlete, made really great by PEDs?

Is everything he has done since his last Tour de France win (foundation, riding as a team member, triathlete) his way of repentance?

If he DID NOT cheat, how do you prove that something didn’t happen?

Let’s imagine someone asked you to prove you ran your last race. Could you?
Garmin? That could be manipulated.
Photos? That can be photoshopped.
Ran with a friend? They’re lying.
Chip time? Easily faked.
Seen on course? You were driven there.

Becomes difficult, right?

Is there any way that we will be 100% certain, one way or the other?