Bags are packed and confirmation sheets are printed… Friday, I’m on a plane to San Antonio to begin what might be one of the more “interesting” weekends of my running journey. The only other thing I can really compare it to is getting ready for a 50 miler. Yes, this day will require 11 fewer miles, but the logistics and having to rest/fly in between two races brings a sense of the unexpected.

What am I carrying?

2 bags: 1 shoulder bag, 1 carry-on
2 bags within my carry-on: 1 with San Antonio race gear, 1 with LV race gear
3 pairs of shoes: 1 for walking around, 1 for racing, 1 for recovery


What am I wearing?

San Antonio Half Marathon
INKnBURN Endurance shirt (fitting name), black Road Runner Sports hybrid shorts

Recovery between races
Calling this the RunEMZ outfit — RunEMZ shirt from her 24 hr./100 mi. treadmill run, black Jordan nylon pants, red barefooters

Las Vegas Full Marathon
2013 SF Marathon shirt (figured out the sleeves issue), Pearl Izumi white arm sleeves, navy blue Adidas shorts, Chartreuse ProCompression calf sleeves

*both races will be run in Mizuno Wave Inspire 8’s

What I’ll be saying (in an interview)?

I’ll be interviewed before the Las Vegas race with the start line announcer. If you are at the start line around 4, I’ll be on the stage doing my best to answer some questions. I’m hoping I can say something coherent and maybe something to get the crowd jazzed up to #stripatnight.

Who am I hoping to meet?

EVERYONE! Seriously. I post photos of what I’m wearing because I love to interact with the running community at expos and on race day. We all share our stories, RT each other, like our pics on Instagram, so why not cheer each other on in real life?!?! If you see me say hello, let’s take a pic together, give each other a high-five, sing a song, whatever. I may ask you what your twitter handle or instagram name is, because that is how I’m able to connect the two, but give a shout out and I’ll shout out right back at ya. LET’S DO THIS!

I’m also super excited to be (hopefully) be able to meet Dorothy, @MilePosts. She is a major inspiration to me and the running community. I helped design her I RUN THIS BODY shirts and we’re always bouncing ideas off each other, so I’m hoping I finally get to talk to her in person.

Also looking forward to the @KatSNF and @SeeSharpRun reunion. We’ll all be there this weekend and would love a follow up pic with these 2 running stars.


With Katrina and Linzie at the Disneyland Half Weekend (2013)


How I’ll be running?

San Antonio Half Marathon: 9 minute pace. Looking to hold that the entire time for a sub-2 finish (1:55 give/take)
Las Vegas Full Marathon: I’ll start at a 9 minute pace, but would like to stay between 8:30-9. Aiming for a sub-4 finish.

And there you have it… that’s my Sunday. If you are looking for more details on logistics, I posted about it here.

I’ll be sharing all weekend long, follow along!

Twitter: @PavementRunner
Instagram: @PavementRunner

San Antonio: #RnRSA
Las Vegas: #stripatnight, #RnRLV
San Antonio AND Las Vegas: #SA2LV

Taking any last-minute advice.