This post is overdue, so please forgive me. I was having issues with my computer which meant these amazing photos were trapped in nowhere land. Without further ado: my Rock n Roll Pasadena recap.

Day one (today) will be the hotel and expo followed by day two (tomorrow) being the race and concert.

This trip was part of my Rock n Roll California Blogger partnership — where I will be running every Rock n Roll race (5) in the state of California. I drove down from the Bay Area to Pasadena early Saturday morning. The plan was to drive, visit the expo, grab some dinner and get ready for race day. So that is what I did.

The Hotel:

The Langham Hotel (in Pasadena California)



This hotel was simply stunning. It was enormous and beautiful. I walked around as much as possible, while still trying to be aware that I was running a half marathon the following day. With over 50,000 square feet of (indoor/outdoor) space, it was breath-taking. From small Japanese-influenced gardens, to spas, to fine dining, it had it all.

There was also a special promotion going on that weekend for the upcoming movie “The Great and Powerful Oz.” As I was walking through the hotel, I received a very nice smile from a beautiful woman. It took me a half-a-second to realize that this lovely lady looked familiar. I’m a pop-culture (and movie) enthusiast so I did a double-take and thought (was that Rachel Weisz? — and yes, I knew her name immediately). As I exited the room, I thought “I should ask for a photo,” but I’m too shy and as I turned around she was soon leaving for her interview/appearance. Either way, I got a smile from James Bond’s wife. Runner. Pavement Runner. Ha!

Promotion on site for the movie event — I also got a wave from Mila Kunis and think I saw James Franco get into a car. Not sure about the latter, he was in a hat.

Promotion on site for the movie event complete with a yellow-brick road.  I also got a wave from Mila Kunis and think I saw James Franco get into a car. Not sure about the latter, he was in a hat.

The Expo:

Once I arrived at the expo, it was top-to-bottom “rock star” decorations. One thing about RnR events is they know how to put on an expo. Complete with giant signage and posters to promote the 2013-14 race series it has you thinking “I’d like to run there” at multiple locations around the US (and world — I entered for a chance to run in Madrid!)


As I made the rounds through the booths, it was great to see and get information on new brands and ones I was familiar with. I even got to make a quick testimonial about the benefits of drinking Chocolate Milk post-run.


And sure enough, I ran into a familiar face. I had no idea that fellow Facebook friend (and “Easy 10” guest blogger) Diana was going to be there. We spotted each other and chatted away with how things were going and even snapped a photo together. Although seconds after this photo, Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy) walked by and Diana had to get a photo with her. Chandra was running the race to help raise money and awareness for CureMito (A foundation to establish and support a local center of excellence for the innovative research, treatment and education in mitochondrial disease and functional disorders.)


I also spotted this shirt for The First Lady — I didn’t buy it at the expo, but I’m familiar with RnR events and know that they have gear for sale at the finish line. I made a deal with myself: “If the race goes well, then I’ll commemorate it with a shirt for baby girl.” The back of the onesie had 2013 RnR Pasadena info on it, so I wanted to have a good memories every time I saw it. I guess only time would tell.


Before I left the expo, I watched a video of the course so that I knew what to expect and chatted with the pace group leaders. I was hoping to break 1:45 and any little bit of extra information could make all the difference.


Then it was back to the hotel to relax — and of course go through my swag bag. That’s always fun to do.

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What do you like most about going to the Expo?