This weekend, I’ll be running the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and it will be my 2nd marathon this month. I struggled down in San Diego and went out a bit too fast on a challenging course and warm day. I was aiming for 3:45 and that dream was gone by the half way point. Since I’m using this as a training run for my 52.4 mile race at the end of July, I need to approach this one more carefully, and honestly, more realistically.

I’ve been struggling on my 26.2 mile races and have severely missed my “goals” all of this year. In Arizona and LA, I was going for massive PR’s and just fell short. As for Oakland and San Diego, I just didn’t have it in me. Both Oakland and SD were similar with a strong first half (1:48 and 1:52) and a disastrous second half. I’m just off my game, mentally and physically. My training has been less than consistent and I’ve been beating myself up mentally for not hitting sub-3:30 after a strong end to 2013 with a 3:37. I felt like I was really close and just missed my window.

With my focus shifting from time to distance and getting ready for 52.4, I need to have a strong race in Seattle. I’m guilty of setting tough goals, but I need to reel it in for this race so that I can build some confidence going into July. I’ll focus on running a strong and consistent race. I’ll plan to start with the 4 hour pace group and look to stay with them the majority of the course. I would love to come in anywhere around 3:55. It’s a far cry from my PR and lofty sub 3:30 goal, but I need to run a smart and steady race and get in a good 26.2 mile run.


Me and @StuftMama at the LA Marathon on a shakeout run - come selfie with us!

Me and @StuftMama at the LA Marathon on a shakeout run – come selfie with us!


Tweet Up

When: Friday at 3 p.m.
Where: At the Expo at the Pro Compression Booth

Let’s get excited Seattle. Me and Kristin of are teaming up to host a Tweet Up. We are both Pro Compression Ambassadors, so we’re hosting it at their booth (which means giveaways) and looking forward to meeting all of you, taking a ton of photos, and blowing up everyone’s Twitter and Instagram feeds with AWESOME-NESS.

I’ve always joked about tying a balloon to me so that I can be spotted at the expo — and someone at RnR may have called my bluff, so we’ll see.

RnR Chicago?

If you want to come run RnRCHI, here is a $10 off code: HITTHEPAVEMENT — it expires 7/13 and race day is July 20.


Do you enjoy running in another state or do you race close to home?