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The importance of runner safety may be one of the most important things that often gets overlooked. With recent events, it has definitely been on the forefront of my mind more so than ever. I’m guilty of it more times than I am comfortable admitting. Often times, my mid-day lunch runs are done with out any from of ID, except a fading work badge that gets me back into my building. On my longer runs on the weekends, I’ll bring along my drivers license, but I never really want to.

Many of you may already be familiar with Road ID. It’s a company committed to making sure that we (outdoor enthusiasts) are aware of the importance behind having wearing ID… that may save our lives.

We’ve all had those “scary” or “close” moments and some of us may have unfortunately been a part of an accident or have friends that have as well. If you are unable to respond when help arrives, there needs to be something that provides your information to those trying to help you.

Step in: Road ID

Road ID began as a result of a runner training for his first marathon that had a close encounter with a motorist. Laying in a ditch on the side of a road, Edward Wimmer saw the importance of his father’s wishes that he carry some form of identification just in case. A few month’s later, father and son launched Road ID from a damp basement.

Top: Wrist ID: Elite, Sport, Slim. Middle: Ankle ID, Shoe Pouch, Shoe ID. Bottom: Fixx ID, Scout ID: large, small

Top: Wrist ID: Elite, Sport, Slim. Middle: Ankle ID, Shoe Pouch, Shoe ID. Bottom: Fixx ID, Scout ID: large, small

Here are some of their innovative line of products:

  • Wrist ID (Elite, Sport, Slim) – with new “interactive” versions with 24/7 operator support
  • Ankle ID
  • Shoe ID (Pouch, Shoe)
  • Scout ID (Large, Small)


The “Roadshow”

A new mobile engraving trailer, dubbed the “Roadshow” is 28-foot trailer that will be showing up at running, cycling and triathlon events throughout the US. It will provide athletes an opportunity to customize their very own Road ID.

It was recently spotted at the St. Jude Country Music Marathon and the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. This weekend, it will be at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon (5/17-5/19) and at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon in July.

Here is the quick 411:

Some super smart folks based in Kentucky worked hard to create a “mobile engraving fulfillment center” into a “highly-customized trailer.” You, the safety-minded athlete, get to use a touchscreen display to order and create a personalized Road ID. On average, five minutes later, you are ready to pick-up your product. You can also have text message or email sent to you when your order is ready. Pretty cool and convenient, huh?

You can also check out some of their other line of products including tech tees, race hats, supernova lights, reflective belts and socks.

To check out where the “Roadshow” is headed, visit

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As if a mobile engraving trailer wasn’t cool enough, Road ID has graciously offered to give one lucky winner their very own custom wearable Road ID. Enter below:

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I was not paid for this post, but I was given the opportunity to order a free personalized Road ID. This has made wifey extremely proud. She and the First Lady mean the world to me. They are my everything and in the event of an emergency, it is important that they are notified and that the first responders have immediate access to vital information.