This has been quite the year. I’m going to save a look at the entire year for an early 2013 post, but I wanted to write a specific post for the RunChat awards that were just announced. Last year, I was nominated for “Funniest Running Blog” and was pretty excited at the chance to score a visor. Yes, I love running in visors. I even wrote a post about it. I came in second to Shut Up and Run who cracks me up and won deservedly so.

This year, I was nominated for “Best Overall Running Blog” which absolutely floored me. IF I was going to be nominated again, I thought it would be under the “funny” category. That is where I was last year and that is where Runner’s World recently featured me so I figured that would be my niche. When the nominations came out, I saw these names next to mine:

Mile Posts: She was on the cover of Women’s Running magazine, runs Boston on the regular, finished 20+ marathons and pushes a triple stroller faster than I run… yep, that is a whole lot going on and her blog is a great one to read with constant inspiration.

Miss Zippy: I nominated her in this category because I honestly turn to her blog for running tips and motivation. I also voted for her (I didn’t vote for or nominate myself). Her blog is frequently recognized for it’s content, she is a certified running coach, ironman and a bird. I honestly thought she would run away with this… pun TOTALLY intended.

No Meat Athlete: I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t entirely familiar with this one. I recognized the name, which is a plus considering the number of running blogs there are out there. In checking out his blog, I saw that he not only writes about running, but nutrition and fuel as well, something I have never really written about. And I just had a cookie at 10 p.m. Oops. Also a Boston Marathoner (3:09), an ultramarathoner, crazy page-views and has been written about and featured by a who’s who of running.

As you can see, this was a list of some amazing bloggers, runners and people. I was humbled to be included and felt completely out of my element. Seriously. I’m trying to crack the 4-hour mark and I’m in a category with these speedsters? They run laps around me. I know it’s not all about speed, but that is SOME tough competition. I’ve said it before, I’m just a regular guy that runs a lot and writes about it. I keep things light (which usually places me in the “funny” category and sometimes do “crazy” distances. I felt like the running kid that snuck into the party of superstar runners.

You saved this blog.

Truth be told, this almost didn’t happen. In October after THIS happened, I almost stopped blogging entirely. I questioned why I was maintaining a blog, a social media presence and what was really important to me. The response I got on the blog and twitter was amazing. The comments and numerous messages that I was meant for something “more” than that title made me realize that my focus was misplaced. Rather than allowing it to crush my spirit, I was going to use it as fuel to DO MORE. To run stronger and pursue my goals with a refreshed energy. That single incident sparked something inside of me.

When I saw that the blog had won, I was shocked, honored, happy and humbled — all at the same time. Recognition and affirmation is always nice and ‘m working on accepting compliments. I still feel — unworthy? I’m not fishing here, just trying to give a glimpse into my strange psyche. Maybe I’m the person that always seeks approval, but never accepts it. Is that a thing? 

What I’m trying to say is THANK YOU. It is a wonderful way to end the year. This wouldn’t have been possible without you, literally.

"hey... we won."

“hey… we won.”


We thank you.