I started writing about my running experiences when I trained for my first marathon. I was part of the San Francisco AIDS Marathon Training Program in 2006 and would send out newsletters to those that had donated. After I finished my first marathon, I decided to start a blog so that friends and family could follow along as I kept on running. Later, a Facebook page was created, followed by a Twitter account, then eventually various other social media platforms. I never imagined my black-and-white newsletter mailed out to friends and family would turn into THIS.

I also never imagined that THIS would get my name printed in Runner’s World.

Last week, I started getting messages that people had seen my name in the December 2012 issue . I was shocked and curious as to what it was and why I was included. Runner’s World is kind of a big deal.

  • I had no idea the article was going to run and list was going to be created.
  • I had no idea my name was going to be included.
  • As far as I know, there was no voting or nominating system by readers/tweeters.


Runner’s World simply wrote an article on social media and asked the question “Can Social Media Make You a Better Runner?” After the article, they compiled a list of 47 people and/or brands and titled it:

“The Running Twitterati — Elite Athletes, Science Nerds, Funny Runners, And Others To Follow.”

Here is the list (and a recent tweet):

Elite Runners:

Running Gurus:



Running/Fitness Communitites:

Foodies (or Drinkies):

Tweeting Brands:

Funny Runners:



And there I was, included under “Funny Runners”


@pavementrunner, 4,062 followers, Brian, blogger. SAMPLE TWEET: Just another Manic Monday, I really wanna run day.

Who knew that listening to The Bangles as a kid would get me printed in a magazine? I suppose I have to thank my dad for including it on a cassette tape he made me. I have to admit, I DO tweet funnier things… but we have all had those Mondays where a run is the only thing that will make you feel better. I guess it’s a good thing the right people saw it and appreciate my sense of humor.

I had a moment earlier this year where I really questioned what it is that I’m doing on the blog and/or social media. The responses I received from friends, blog readers and twitter followers were all positive, heart-felt, reassuring and made me feel that I was a part of “something bigger.”

Feel free to tell me: “I told you so.”

This recognition and inclusion would not be possible without every single one of you. I’ve said it before, I get my inspiration and motivation to keep running  from interacting with all of you. It didn’t go unnoticed that I was the only Bay Area runner listed. For the amount of runners and large social media presence in this area, I am completely floored and astonished. It’s a list full of amazing athletes and running icons who I look up to and place high value in their opinions and experience.

I am humbled and honored to be included.

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