192.81 total miles

192.81 total miles

The Runner’s World RWRunStreak is complete.The challenge was to run (at least) a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day — a total of 41 consecutive days.

That is what my 41 days looked like.

It included two races, a Turkey Trot and the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile event. Running the day after a 12-hour event was the biggest challenge. My legs felt tired, but my mind was fresh, thankfully.

In order to prevent injury, any day that I felt like I needed a “rest day” was a single mile run. There is always concern with injury when it comes to “streaking,” but listening to your body and understanding that a single mile can be viewed as therapeutic or relaxing, helps.

I typically run 4-5 days a week, so it was filling in the gaps with one mile runs. As you can see, there were only 3 runs that went over 10 miles with the majority being between 1-5 miles. Mika even joined me on many of these.

I ran a total of 192.8 1 miles — although 47 miles was a large chunk of that.

I also did the Summer RWRunStreak (Memorial Day to Independence Day) as well!


If you completed the streak, don’t forget to grab your RWRunStreak badge. It’s the perfect size to share on your blog, facebook or instagram.


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How did you celebrate the end of 2012?

Or the start of 2013?