I was looking back through some old images and files and came across a doc that had a fill in the blank type question… the answer that I put was

Running is worth the possibility of never perfecting it.

At the time, I’m sure I knew what I meant. It sounds so “prophetic.” Like it needs to be on a shirt or hoodie. Or something that you overhear one runner say to another runner at a coffee shop post-run. I keep reading it. At times I fully understand it. Other times, I think: “Does that even make any sense? Is it even grammatically correct… or am I missing a word?”

I know what I’m trying to say.

It makes so much sense in my head:

Yes, run. Run all the miles. Run them fast. Run them slow. Run them backwards. Do it wrong. Do it with friends. Do it in the rain. Better yet, in the snow… in shorts. Laugh at how terrible you are at it, then high-five someone because you just kicked 20 miles in the face. Then smile at someone who wonders why you are all sweaty and laughing at 8 in the morning with a head lamp on. Then do it again the next day.

You may never get it right. You may never run that perfect race or any race. You might not reach that magical number of miles in a week, or month, or year, but running is worth it.

That’s what I was trying to say on form back in 2012.

* * * * *

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Running is… what?