Have you seen all the running shoe love on social media? I know I have. From Reebok to Saucony to Mizuno, it seems like the availability of running shoes is at an all time high.

I guess this thing we do is pretty popular. Let’s take a look at some shoes that are taking huge steps (pun totally intended) in reaching out to their audience through social media (listed alphabetical by brand).


These are the shoes that I run in 99% of the time. I run in a high-stability shoe and the Kayano’s are my go to. I recently ran in a pair from their “33 Collection” for a 5k. I was in search of a lighter shoe for my speedwork and gave these a try. Loved the fit and color and the result was a 22:45 PR. I’ve seen Asics mostly on Facebook highlighting the US Olympic track and field team and contests featuring their videos. Have you seen them?


With the Mezamashii Run Project, Mizuno has taken the route of allowing us, the runners, to create “a more euphoric running experience — a more brilliant run.” and share our story. With invites flying all over twitter, feedback is coming back strong from a loyal audience. I have yet to get my invite (ahem), but the campaign is generating a great response and filling up my twitter feed. After all, who doesn’t want a “brilliant run?” Over the remainder of the year, Mizuno wil be giving away thousands of shoes to runners, so head over to their site and apply for an invite. You know you wanna, I do!


If you are on Twitter then you have seen these fabulously pink running shoes — RealFlex. I’ve seen them on Instagram fresh out of the box, as well as in action, frequently tagged with #FitFluential #PROOF. They look great on the road and in the gym. Those bright colors sure do pop. These serve as a combination of function and fashion — so I’ve heard. The majority I’ve seen (on social media) have been for the ladies. Can we get some love for the dudes?


The Find Your Strong Project landed on twitter with a huge splash. It also features this amazing person. Over a 12 week period, Saucony asked us to share our strong through the social media networks. Tell a story, tweet a photo, they wanted you to participate in sharing your experiences on the road, trail, and of course, pavement. The thing that I like about the shoes is the gradient colors. I’m a designer, so if you do a gradient just right, it can be a beautiful thing. Kudos to Saucony for thinking out of the box and encouraging us to find our inner strength and share it.

Have you run in any of the above? Is there a brand I left off the list making a push on social media?

I was not compensated for this post with products or funds. The opinions are 100% my own.