A run is sometimes all we really need. It may be something else for you (yoga, meditation, cycling, strength training), but essentially hitting the re-set button with a good workout is just what we need.

I hadn’t run in a couple days, taking Sunday and Monday off and my 14 mile run on Saturday wasn’t at the pace I would have liked… the legs just weren’t into it. I was hoping to get a good run at  “marathon pace” (around 8:30/mile) as a warm-up for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego in a couple weeks.

Tuesday arrived with some normal “work stuff” and I saw a couple things on social media that just frustrated me. I’m not going to go into details, but I just needed to throw on my shoes and go for a run.

7.25 miles of running with “aggression”

Mile 1: 10:27 (busy city street w/ stop lights).

Mile 2-5: 7:06, 7:16, 7:05, 7:09, 7:11

Mile 7: 9:03 (return trip on that busy street).

.25 cool down

I was clearly working on some things with those middle miles. I don’t run that fast. A quick mile for me is around 7:30 and those are usually sparatic. It was a windy day in San Francisco (go figure) and some segments of those miles were INTO the wind. On a calm day, I would be surprised if some of those ended up being sub-7.

For context, any combo of those 5 mi. would be a 5k PR.

Obviously, this didn’t resolve any of my “frustrations,” but I was sure glad to take advantage and get in some speed work. I’m supposed to be tapering and I know @MissZippy1 would highly disapprove of my pace, but sometimes I just need to run. Know what I’m saying?!?!

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