Disclosure: I received the Runtastic Orbit through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

For the past month or so, I’ve been using an activity and fitness tracker called ORBIT. It’s a “24-hour wearable from Runtastic – provides you with reliable, round-the-clock tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential.” As a runner, I can typically reach my “daily active goals” in a single run. Steps? Yep, I can hit that count on a run with no problem. But what about when I’m NOT running or when I’m sitting in front of the computer for extended periods of time, or as it can be called: leading a “sedentary lifestyle.”

Being at BlogFest last week, I was interested in taking a look at how many steps I would be taking since I woudn’t be running as much. as I normally do. But Before I get into all the details of what a day at BlogFest might look like, let’s see what the Runtastic ORBIT can do:


  • Track your Steps & Distance daily
  • Monitor Sleep Duration & Cycles each night
  • Keep an eye on Calories Burned
  • Set & Reach Goals
  • View Runtastic app stats using Orbit Connect
  • Go for a swim with your Waterproof Orbit

I took some screen shots of the Runtastic Me app which allows you to look at your daily goals and the previous week’s stats. Below is what Saturday, on one my most “active” days at BlogFest looked like. It included back-to-back circuit workout sessions.



STEPS: As you can see, I easily hit my steps goal of 10,000 — which you can adjust (it defaults to 8,000). It will also vibrate when you hit the 50% mark and again when you reach your goal showing you a “trophy” so you can celebrate. You can see on the second panel at what point during the day I hit my 10k step goal indicated by the blue horizontal line. It also breaks down steps per hour.

ACTIVE MINUTES: I had two bootcamp classes that morning, so I was pretty active in the morning.

CALORIES: It will live-track your caloric output, to give you instant feedback to help you be more accountable

DISTANCE: That is pretty impressive since this day did not include running — apart from the bootcamp workout.

SLEEP: Please don’t judge my less than 6-hour of sleep from the night before. I included an additional screen shot from a more typical night of sleep on the far right. The red bars indicate “awake,” the yellow is “light sleep” and the green is “deep sleep.” The highest I’ve seen my sleep efficiency is 95% and I typically fall in the the 90% range.



On Thursday, I was keeping track of my steps and comparing them with Lunden, the YouTube superstar for Runtastic, she was also at BlogFest and we were having fun shouting out our step counts. If I can remember, I ended somewhere north of 23k steps, but that also included a 3 mile run in the morning. Check out the video and look at all it can do!

See What It Can Do

The Runtastic Orbit is available for $120, which is comparable to most wearables on the market and includes 2 color band options (black and blue) along with an easy-to-use USB connection to charge it. Additional color options for the wristband are sold separately: orange/yellow/red and green/white/steel.

Do you currently use a wearable or track your daily fitness?