Running can be so many different things. I think that is why so many of us are in love with it. It is there for us when we need it, and it understands when we need a break from it, and it can be that “something” we need on any day for any different reason.

Rebecca is a friend of mine from San Francisco that I met through November Project and she is currently living in Sydney, Australia. Like many of us, we saw the recent events unfold across the news and across social media. However, she experienced it a little differently from the most of us. She reached out to me a few days after and I was honored to be asked to be a part of that “something” she needed. And for that reason, I’m inviting all of YOU to be that something for EVERYONE.

In Her Words

“On the 15th of December 2014 Sydney was shaken as news of the attack of the Lindt Café at Martin Place broke. Many of us were on lock down for hours getting misinformation as others watched the news in horror. After being released from our lock down at work, I came home and watched with the nation as the events unfolded at Martin Place, an area that I work a few blocks from and that I pass on my 5K runs.

I had no desire to run after it all played out. I didn’t want to run past that site. I didn’t want to run past and see all the flowers that were becoming a growing memorial. I didn’t want to run. Part of the beauty of running is clearing your head, and heading out on my usual route would not provide the peace I was looking for. I didn’t want to run alone. Not because I was scared, but because I wanted a friend. I assumed there were other runners in Sydney that felt the same.

Coming from a stellar running community in San Francisco where I knew there were heaps of people I could have called to join me, I wanted community more than ever. If there was one thing Boston taught us is that we never stop running, they can’t take that away from us. So I said F**K it, I’m going to run.

A friend of mine, Brian over at, organized a San Francisco run in honor of Boston and encouraged others to set one up in their local communities. Cities all over the world came together and ran as one on the same day. I thought Sydney needs this…Australia needs this. I see so many runners in the city all running alone and we should run united.

So lets come together on Monday the 22nd of December and run as a community to help heal and to honor the victims from Martin Place. I will be organizing a run here in Sydney starting at 6:30pm (Location TBD), but most likely through the Botanical Gardens.

I would love for other running communities to join in and organize runs in their city to show some love. I want Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and everywhere in between to join in. I’m also looking at you San Francisco, Boston and DC. Someone needs to take the lead for each city and set up a place (make sure it can accommodate a group) and time for your run. It can be a group of any size and you can go for any distance/pace you like, the only requirement is that we all run together on the 22nd of December.”

How you can #RunWithSydney:

Monday, Dec. 22
YOUR city, YOUR time, YOUR distance

  • Use the hashtag to organize your community across TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.
  • Join in on the conversation at Facebook:
  • You can run alone, in pairs, in hundreds. We’re doing this together.

We’re encouraging individuals, groups, neighbors, anyone that wants to run to organize their community and create a MOMENT, one week after the attacks to RUN TOGETHER… more importantly, to #RunWithSydney

Keep it simple:

  1. Pick a location large enough for a meet up and safe enough to allow a group to run X miles.
  2. Link up with other runners on Facebook, post a pic to Instagram to see if other runners in your community want to join you.
  3. Use the hash to spread the word: #RunWithSydney

* * * *

San Francisco
Monday, 6:30 AM
Fort Mason with November Project

Since Rebecca was (and still is) a huge part of the NP tribe in SF, it seems fitting that we incorporate the two. I’m not sure on the details on HOW the two will intermingle. Maybe we do the NP workout, then a run after, or have the NP workout be our way of “running with Sydney.” Either way, in the words of the movement “just show up” and it will all work itself out. We got you Rebecca.

* * * *

Join us as the running community comes together to #RunWithSydney